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Fun Fall Activities To Try Nearby - East Coast Fall

Fun Fall Activities To Try Nearby

Although California will always be home that holds a special place in my heart, fall is the best on the East Coast – the colors are popping out all over and the weather is perfect for outdoor activities. As long as you bring your sweater.

Fun Fall Activities To Try Nearby - East Coast Fall

I love getting out from under the oppression of summer humidity before the winter snow and ice make an appearance.

Looking for some fun, affordable ways to get out and soak up the last vestiges of the sunshine with the backdrop of beautiful fall colors?

Fun Fall Activities To Try Nearby

1. Go to a football game.
Fun Fall Activities To Try Nearby - High School Football Games

There are plenty of colleges with football teams within driving distance to the DC Metro area, but also, high school! Check the schedule and go out to support your local team one warm fall Friday. It’s fun to see the community come out and enjoy the action together.

2. Hit up Oktoberfest.

Frederick County peeps love the Oktoberfest at the Frederick Fairgrounds each year. German beer, German food, German music, and All-American fun!

3. Harvest some apples.

Pick your own farms are fun no matter the season, but apple season is one not to miss. Especially because you can enjoy a major apple harvest event just a short drive into Pennsylvania.

4. Pick a pumpkin.
Fun Fall Activities To Try Nearby - Gaver Farm

They are growing all over the place right now and going out to the farm for a hayride and a fresh pumpkin of your choosing is way more fun than snagging one at the grocery store. We are huge fans of Gaver Farm in Mt. Airy, but there are a ton of others nearby with festivals and farm activities to keep you entertained when you visit.

5. Get scared.

Personally, the cute Halloween costumes are more my speed, but for those who really like to get the adrenaline pumping, there are some blood curdling scare fests out there for you to check out. Try Nightmare Manor in Ijamsville or The Field of Screams in Olney to start.

6. Go to the zoo.

Boo at the Zoo is an annual fundraising event hosted at the National Zoo in DC towards the end of October. It’s a fun, family friendly, three day event featuring cool treats, fun animal demos, and Halloween decor. For those who call Bmore and the surrounding metro area home, the Maryland Zoo has you covered for Halloween fun too. Boo Zoo is a full three days of trick-or-treating, costume contests, games, crafts, live entertainment, and delicious eats. The event is free with regular admission.

7. Run from a zombie.
Fun Fall Activities To Try Nearby - Zombie Run

There are few things that make me speedier than running for my life. I know, it’s pretend, but still, spooky! You can run scared by signing up for this fun event: Baltimore Zombie Run.

8. Drink some beer.

Craft beer is all hip and cool right now and heading to Baltimore for the Baltimore Craft Beer Festival is a hip and cool way to enjoy a fall day. You can also make plans to attend the NOVA Brewfest the weekend before if you’re really into the beer scene.

9. Taste Bethesda. Or DC. Or Georgetown.

Fall seems to be restaurant show off season in all of the foodie cities nearby. Check out the Taste Bethesda, Taste of DC, and Taste of Georgetown sites for more info.

10. Go back in time.
20 Things To Know About The Maryland Renaissance Festival

The Renaissance Festival is alive and merry through October. Read our post before you go: 20 Things to Know About The Maryland Renaissance Festival.

11. Get your craft on.

One of the largest craft fairs comes to life every fall. The Sugarloaf Craft Festivals are a must visit for those who want to get a jump on their holiday shopping and, with shows in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia throughout the fall season, you have plenty of opportunities to shop handmade goodies.

12. Go Punkin Chunkin.

I don’t know about you, but Punkin Chunkin sounds like the perfect way to say adios to those pumpkins still taking up space on the farm.

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