Pursuit Of It All came into being one day after four creative friends met for coffee at a cafe in Frederick, Maryland. The four women found that they had many common passions including (and perhaps most importantly) a love for sharing stories online about life experiences.

Things You Need to Know About Pursuit Of It All

We are busy career ladies with families and friends. What’s that mean? That we get it. We understand the day-to-day struggles of women and mothers. We know how hard it is to have it all, but that doesn’t keep us from trying. And exploring new things. And living life fully with wine and cheese and insanely cute shoes as our sidekicks.

We know and love Frederick. We live here, we work here, we eat cupcakes and ice cream and really good pizza here. We are passionate about our love of this place, and the people who share it with us, and we want you to know and have all of the bestest most awesomest things around. And we want to share all of those parts of Frederick with people who aren’t lucky enough to be from around here to enjoy them.

We are eclectic. And funky. And fresh. And cool. Just like this city, and all of you. Each post you read here will feel refreshingly different, but some of the parts will be the same. We pride ourselves on our individuality, and we use that to create this thing that all of you can love similarly.

We cover it all. Fashion and style, food and drinks, travel and adventure, family and fun. If it has happened, will happen, or could possibly happen even if only in our dreams, expect to read about it here. If it’s en vogue, in style, or in Frederick, we promise to be up in it, for you of course.

We’re more than just Frederick. Don’t misunderstand – we looooove Frederick. We can’t get enough of it! But, we love experiences that draw us out of Frederick, too. We’ve all lived in different parts of the U.S., so we get what we’re missing out there! We’ve worked with national brands, traveled extensively, and care about how big of an impact we can make broadly. That being said, there’s something about Frederick that will always bring us back, like moths to a flame. #pursueitall

Editor: Jennifer Gerlock

Blogger. Marketer. Deadline juggler. Flibbertigibbet. A fan of all things glitter and girly, Jen’s passions include gabbing with girlfriends, running marathons, sipping (okay, gulping) cocktails and waxing poetic about the tortured soul of Professor Snape. Rarely found without her nose in a book (or her iPhone), she acknowledges that her level of geekery might not be for everyone. Consider yourself warned. Her ultimate goal in life is to be a professional wanderer of the internet  or Amy Poehler’s BFF. (Both totally accomplishable.)

Prior to launching Pursuit of it All, Jen served as Executive Editor of Frederick Gorilla Magazine and was a contributor to the Washington Times parenting today community. Her pieces have been published by the New York Times Syndicate, Frederick Magazine, Maryland Life Magazine and Frederick Lifestyle Magazine.

Her online work has lead her to collaborate with brands like Coca-Cola, Sleep Number, Invisalign, Saucony, Flat-Out Bread, Ritz Carlton, Great Wolf Lodge and Hallmark, among others.

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