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How to make a stellar vision board

How To Create A Stellar Vision Board


As the resident self-improvement geek of the Pursuit of it All gang, I like to wax poetically about all things inspirational. If there’s a new book out there, I’ll read it. New podcast? I’m on it. Crazy new technique? I’ll probably give it a whirl.

But friends, I’m feeling like I might have fallen down on the job with you.

How is it that I’ve never shared with you my obsessive love commitment to vision boarding?

Geez. It’s, like, “Inspiration 101.”

For those of you who are new to the concept, vision boards (sometimes called “dream” or “inspiration” boards) are a visual representation of your dreams, desires, and your goals. And, they’re a powerful tool to help you accomplish your goals, no matter what you call them.

They’re also hella-fun to create, especially paired with a nice glass of wine. But, I digress…

There aren’t any magic rules in creating the perfect vision board; it’s all up to you.  You can use them to depict aspirations in all parts of your life, or only in one specific area that that needs some focus. I’ve used them for short-term and long-term goals, as well as for bucket-list adventures.

Theories abound for why vision boards work, and lots of incredible success stories have been attributed to their use. I’ve personally done it for years and swear by their power to keep me focused and on target. (I’m more than a little scattered, juggling all the things, all the time.)

If you’ve not played around with making a vision board yet, the following guide will give you a jump start!

How To Create A Stellar Vision Board

1. Identify your goals and wants.

Identify the big “wants” of your life, or break them down into manageable time chunks—the next six months or the next year, for example. Take mental inventory of your goals with regards to relationships, career and finances, home, travel, personal growth, health, etc. You’ll be using these categories to guide your visuals.

2. Gather your materials.

You’re going to need some important materials to bring your vision board to life, including:

  • Any kind of board. Pick up foam board, cork board, or poster board—whatever you like best and fits the budget. I have friends who’ve invested in gorgeously framed cork boards that they recreate each year. The point is to make it attractive enough to keep around in a prominent location.
  • Supplies like scissors, tape, pins, and/or a glue-sticks. Also grab some fun markers, stickers, or any other embellishments that make you smile (check out the scrapbook section of your local craft store).
  • Imagery to support the goals you’ve identified. I like to use my favorite magazines and Pinterest for this step. Nothing is off-limits here. Photos, quotes, sayings, images of places you want to go, reminders of events, places or people, postcards from friends—just about anything that will inspire you. Don’t give it a lot of thought; think of this step as brainstorming. And, most importantly, pull together images you’ll enjoy looking at every day.

3. Assemble your vision board.

This step is where you’ll weed through your curated finds to arrange everything on your board. I recommend laying down the imagery, phrases, and words on the board first and then culling through them and getting rid of any that and no longer feel right or don’t inspire you.

You can assemble the imagery into theme or category clusters (e.g. career, lifestyle or relationships) or lay them out in more of a storyboard mode—it’s really a personal preference at this point. How you bring the collages together is key, though! Give everything space to breathe, and keep the whole design colorful and visually empowering.

Remember, there’s no WRONG way to put together a vision board as long as you love it and feel inspired.

4. Give your vision board a place of prominence.

Your finished vision board needs to be a constant reminder for you of the dreams and goals you are actively working towards. So it goes without saying that it should be hung somewhere you’ll see it regularly. I’m of the opinion that you should be empowered and motivated as often as possible!

How are (or could) vision boards be useful to see and take action towards your goals?

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