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Gifts For Good: Gifts That Give Back For Everyone On Your List

Giving is what makes the holiday season so special and exciting to me.

I enjoy the time I spend finding gifts for the people I care about, and I like giving them something special and thoughtful that makes them feel like I care. Even if it’s something small, I do what I can to find meaningful things that will put a smile on the faces of the people I love during the holiday season.

Some people can create these special items with their hands. Those of us who have hands like cavemen are less inclined to go this route.

Instead, I try to find gifts that give back to others in some way.

There are a number of companies who create items designed to do just that! Here are some we hope you’ll consider…

Great ideas for holiday gifts that give back!

10 Gifts That Give Back

1. For your fashion forward sister. FEED Bags.
These chic bags will let your recipient trek around town looking good. You can rest assured knowing that your purchase will help the fight against hunger. Each bag provides a certain number of meals to an impoverished nation.

2. For your mini fashionista daughter. Toms.
At this point pretty much every person on the planet knows this brand does good things. Buy your kid some shoes and let her rock them with a clear conscious.

3. For your hip little brother. Warby Parker sunglasses.
Because everyone deserves to see and some of us like to look good while we do it. This hip eyewear brand believes the same and a gift from here will not only make your little vision challenged bro look and feel good, it will also help a person in need get their vision corrected too. Each pair bought is a pair donated.

4. Your on-the-go Dude kids. A Bureo Skateboard.
It’s their creative process that makes this gift good. Their funky fresh boards are created using discarded fish netting gathered off of the coastline. They clean up our oceans so your kid can have a cool skateboard, and a healthier planet to call home.

5. For your white elephant party. Kahina Giving Beauty goat milk and honey argan soap.
It’s not your everyday bar of soap and whichever of your coworkers winds up with it will be basking in their beautifully soft clean skin thanks to you. Portions of the proceeds help the women of Morocco who uncovered the argan oil’s properties for all of us to benefit from.

6. For your BFF. A stacked bracelet from 31 Bits.
This handmade jewelry not only looks good, but supports the lives of women in Uganda. You can make your squad leader look fly while also giving a much needed education and countless opportunities to a woman and her family in Uganda.

7. For your stylish husband. This fair trade scarf from Accompany.
Because husbands get cold necks too and if he’s going to wrap something around it he might as well have something nice looking and made well. By artisans who can benefit from your purchase. Everything on the site is sourced to give back.

8. For your wine loving neighbor. One Hope California Merlot.
Everyone can appreciate a good Merlot. Especially one that can add “helps treat global disease” to its resume. One bottle won’t even set you back $20, but it’s strong enough to fight global tropical diseases at the same time.

9. For your mother in law. An alpaca throw from Greenheart Shop.
She’s always cold, why not give her something gorgeous that she can snuggle under? And, since every item in the Greenheart Shop is fair trade, eco-friendly, or carries a social mission you can get one for when she comes to visit at your house too!

10. For your kid’s second grade teacher. Warm heart hand warmers from Ten Thousand Villages.
She can warm them in the teacher’s lounge microwave and pop them in her pockets to keep her warm during recess duty all winter long. Hand made and socially conscious like everything offered on the Ten Thousand Villages site.

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