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Bang! It’s NOT Your Mama’s Aerobics Class

I started going to Zumba about two years ago.

It was back when Zumba was the next big thing and women everywhere were rallying their work friends and mommy group mates to check out the newest way to dance themselves skinny.

I fell into it too, because seriously, dancing is fun, working out kinda isn’t, and anything I could do to make moving fast and sweating more bearable I was interested in exploring.

Like everyone else on the face of the entire planet, I loved it.

I felt good, I got a little bit fitter, and I was having a blast.

But, my Zumba teacher, innovative dance machine that she is, was busy cooking up something even more amazing.

It’s called Bang Power Dance and it is the newest, coolest, most body building dance fitness workout to hit the land in basically forever!

bang power dance

Sounds amazing?

Yeah, that’s because it is!

It’s kinda like Zumba, meaning you do dance aerobics, but it’s funkier, and more hardcore. You sweat more, you burn more calories, you have so much more fun!

Plus, you wear weighted gloves on your hands and the class is set up with intervals (you know how interval training helps build muscle!), so the results are like 100% more amazing.

All of the explanation points, totally necessary.

Possibly it’s the adrenaline from the Bang class I just left talking, but only way for you to find out is to try one!

Lucky for you, this dance fitness craze that is sweeping the nation (no kidding, they have been in NYC promoting this brand and gyms all over are picking up the new format to bring to their cities) was created right here in Frederick, Maryland, by local fitness guru, Amanda Bidlack Strand.

Check out this video (I’m the one in the bright yellow shirt in the back because I somehow missed the DON’T WEAR A BRIGHT YELLOW SHIRT memo)…

And pop over to the Bang site to learn more about when and where you can come party with us: Find Bang.

I want you to all come out to a class and dance with me (seriously, let’s do it)!

Amanda recently changed her spirit animal from the unicorn to Pegasus; wings are cooler than horns. She enjoys cute shoes, oversized bags, and telling her budget to suck it. Also cupcakes; every day is a cupcake day. Sometimes she does super fun things with her kids, but mostly that's because paying a babysitter would mean buying fewer shoes. She also loves professional football, Stephan Curry, taking amazing pictures of gorgeous people, and getting into dance battles in the grocery store. Wegmans on Tuesday, that's what's up.

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  • I was never really into Zumba, but this actually looks fun and I love dancing!!

  • Amy p.

    Took my first Bang! Class tonight and loved it! Will definitely be going regularly.

  • keith

    why no men

  • Cherise

    Hello Amanda- Just saw the videos on BANG and absolutely loved them! I am a fitness instructor in Alaska and was wondering if they sell their songs on a CD or downloads? Would love to share this awesome music with my classes. When you have time can you please let me know who to contact? Thank you!


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