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What We Love: October 2015

What We Love: October 2015

October flew by, didn’t it? With nary a blink we found ourselves in a post-Halloween sugar coma wondering where all of our time went.

October was a huge month for the Pursuit team ushering in new opportunities and lots of chances to discover new things and make memories with the people we love.

So without further ado, here are the things we were loving this October!


Fall is a crazy busy time for me. In addition to being a blogger boss, I spend some of my time as a photographer. Mostly families, lots of newborn babies, happy moments and smiling people which means fall is both exciting and overwhelming for me. I spend more time with my camera in front of my face than I do sleeping and finding things I love other than, um, sleeping, is hard!

But, not to let you all down, this happened…

What We Love: October 2015

To answer your questions: yes, we are holding hands, and yes, she was nice and funny, and small. So tiny. Like, I felt like an ogre standing next to her and I’m only 5’3″ (she’s wearing heels, I’m wearing flats).

Also awesome? Fur vests, Oprah’s Favorite Things came out, and Boden.  For some reason I am obsessed with that last one. Like I can’t stop adding things to my cart from that site!


I became re-obsessed with the store Silk & Burlap in downtown Frederick, Maryland. It had been awhile since I’d visited so when I recently found myself with free time, I stopped in.

I wanted everything.

My girlfriend and I immediately swooned over these sassy Legacy caps because they are hella fun and so fabulous. 

Hustlin Cap

On another note, I discovered that there is such a thing as Hogsmeade nirvana and it exists in the form of a Starbucks Butterbeer Frappuccino. This concoction is a slice of the Starbucks Secret Menu and contains part basic frappuccino, part caramel syrup, and part toffee nut syrup. (Don’t ask me about the calories. I refuse to acknowledge them.) It is so yummy…

Did I mention that I’ve fallen even more in love with Snapchat? It’s addictive! Add me, okay? (Name: JenniferGerlock)


I love October because it’s the beginning of one of my favorite seasons ever: fall! Between chillier days (but not so cold you need a coat — yet), crisp air, warm mugs of cider, and every excuse to make (and eat) ALL THE COMFORT FOOD, I’m smitten.

Earlier in the month my daughter and I went to Gaver Farm with her dance company. It meant getting lost in the corn maze, jumping on the giant pillow, and hay rides, for her and the rest of the dancers.

And warm APPLE CIDER DOUGHNUTS for me and the other parents. Nom-nom-nom.

Cider Doughnuts at Gaver Farm in Mt. Airy, MD

My son’s birthday is at the end of the October, and his only request for the actual day was that we carve pumpkins together as a family. (How cute, right?) So, four good looking pumpkins from Baugher’s in Westminster later, and we were prepped and ready to go.

Pumpkin carving success! (Yes, the first one – Jack’s design – is a creeper.) #halloween #kids #minecraft

A photo posted by Liza Hawkins (@amusingfoodie) on

Also? October leaves in Maryland. Stunning.

Fall on the homestead! 🍁🍂 #fall #fallleaves #maryland A photo posted by Liza Hawkins (@amusingfoodie) on


My pick for October would be Andrew Murdock of Natural Artistry Photography. I have really enjoyed watching him grow personally and professionally over the past few years.

Natural Artistry

His work has really become quite remarkable. (Stunning, actually.) He brings an artistic cleverness to his lens that I really enjoy!

Natural Artistry II

And that does it for What We Love: October 2015!

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