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What We Love: September 2015!

What We Love: September 2015

Food + being outdoors.

That’s pretty much what sums up the beginning of the fall season for us, as told by September’s round-up of what we love.

And, in Maryland, fall weather and food only gets better as the days tick on — that is, until it starts to get icy and blustery, at which time we find ourselves eating MORE and being outdoors LESS.

The foodie in us is okay with this. Comfort food, FTW!

Okay, and maybe we can brave the frosty air for things like pumpkin patches, Christmas tree farms, upcoming events in downtown Frederick — as long as we have a mug of something hot and steamy in hand.

Here’s what we loved in September!


You know what I am loving right now? Stink bugs.

Said no one ever.

And I can not figure out why they are all over every where in my house. I totally thought they were all dead or something and it seems so 2013 up in here right now. If anyone has a tip that’s not leave out a can of soda and wait for them to fall in or catch them in a water bottle (because, really, ain’t nobody got time for that) I am all ears.

In real life, I am very dramatically in love with Periscope. I’m sure most of you have heard of it by now, but it is a live video streaming social tool where you can get all up in the awesome with people as it’s happening. I love making Periscopes and watching those made by others probably as much as Kim and Liza enjoy podcasts. You can join me there by going here: Amanda on Periscope.

Other than that, I had a crazy pants awesome meal at Aggio in Baltimore. It’s one of Bryan Voltaggio’s joints and it is tres nice. If you get a chance to visit the city for an evening I highly recommend it.


Also a trip to The Capitol Wheel at the National Harbor. It was a blast when I took a spin in it and it would be a perfect fall date night activity.

Last but not least, this energy bites recipe I have. They are what dreams are made of you guys, not joke. Flavor explosion in your mouth and SO super easy to make.


I literally love everything fall. Fall has always represented new beginnings in my mind. (I blame years and years of schooling for this.) This fall I began a new chapter in my own life starting a career closer to my home base of Frederick. It’s exhilarating and terrifying and every other emotion in between.

Recently I discovered a place that apparently every other fashionista in town has already proclaimed their undying love for. Though I’m late to the party, I’m sure you will join me in celebration of the obsession that is Charming Charlie. I have a tendency to get overwhelmed and lost in that store. Accessories for dayzzzz. And the prices can not be beat!

On a personal front I’m so excited to report (okay, brag) that the race I directed for Four Seasons DC and MedStar Washington Hospital Center went extremely well! Sprint Four the Cure raised over $70,000 for cancer research and I couldn’t be prouder! It was an amazing day in Georgetown and, if you are local, I highly recommend running in this event in 2016. It is a blast!

Sprint Four the Cure


I finally got the “Thneed” from Stitch Fix that I regretted NOT buying in August. They resent it in September, in cream!!! It’s perfect for fall, super versatile, and — dare I say — cute, too. Here’s me trying it on for the first time. I’ve worn it dozens of times already since!

(WAIT. You haven’t tried Stitch Fix yet? We’re pretty much obsessed over here at POIA. Here’s my referral code if you’d like to give it a whirl.)

What We Love: September 2015

You know that bloomin’ apple thing that’s been circulating like mad on Facebook? Yep. I tried it. (Totally worth it.) Pro tip: substitute vanilla ice cream with butter pecan! Mmmm…


Found a favorite new restaurant – Paladar Latin Kitchen and Rum Bar! Visited the Annapolis location and am excited to see that they have a location in Gaithersburg, too. (Sweet!) Every single thing I tasted was fantastic. They had Fried Plantain chips in their basket of chips for dipping. Who does that?! So many flavors, a little zing here and a splash of sweet there. Honestly, the only thing better was the company I shared it with. 🙂
Paladar Guacamole

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