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Delish Beverly Hills Chopped Salad Recipe

I have a slight obsession with TikTok. Let me pause here so you can roll your eyes. My husband and kids do it all the time. TikTok provides hours of entertainment for me and is responsible for half of my quarantine projects, a ton of new fashion choices and my current obsession with food experimentation.

The algorithm just gets me. I can scroll for days.

Recently I discovered a TikTok video touting the recipe for the “best chopped-salad on the face of the earth.” This salad, offered at La Scala in Beverly Hills, is one that apparently has an uber-celebrity following and is purported to be a Kardashian clan favorite.

So because I don’t regularly dine in Beverly Hills, the likelihood of my experiencing this for myself is slim. But I do love a good salad, especially now that I’ve lost weight and am eating healthier.

So I decided to give it a try. I used the recipe I found on TikTok for “Famous” Italian Chopped Salad provided by @broccyourbody and gave it a go.

The beauty of this salad is in the details:

  • Crisp ingredients.
  • Finely chopped everything.
  • Marinated garbanzo beans.
  • Fresh (but not difficult to make) dressing.


Honestly, the most time-intensive part of this whole creation is the chopping. Otherwise, super simple and very budget-friendly.

I slightly altered the recipe for my husband because he is not a garbanzo bean fan. I toyed around with the idea of using black beans, which would have definitely worked, but instead decided to add a small amount of pasta to the bowl. I marinated them in dressing for an hour before adding them to the recipe. (He loved it!)


ICYMI: The recipe for the salad I made from Carissa Stanton aka @broccyourbody can be found at this link.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • I used grated parmesan cheese because I already had it. Fresh parmesan cheese would have been better.
  • Don’t skimp on the salami. Find a good, flavorful brand and go with that. Big difference! Also, there is no shame in adding extra to the recipe if you are a meat lover.
  • Speaking of adding extra, I doubled the recipe for the dressing so we could use more if we needed it. (Which we did.)
  • I’ve seen some versions of this recipe that add basil and while I’ve not tried it, I’m pretty sure that would be fantastic.

Yum! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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