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Girl Crush: The Grouser Girls

Did I ever mention to you that I used to work in the country music industry? Yep, it’s true! In fact, I was the Nashville bureau chief for Sony Worldwide Networks. I’m telling you all this because Pursuit of It All’s latest Girl Crush is the musical duo The Grouser Girls.

Now there are many, many things special about this talented sister act. First and foremost though, I should mention that they are actually related to me.

I’m so lucky!

I’ve spent years watching them entertain audiences at wineries and breweries and the like and it thrills me to no end how successful they’ve become. I’m definitely biased, of course, but I’m also uniquely qualified (ahem) to give a talented country duo a shoutout.

So here we go! Learn more about Casey and Carlie Grouser aka The Grouser Girls…



Tell us a little about your life and career…

We are a sister duo from South Jersey – working in the education system by day and singing our hearts out on the East Coast on weekends. We spend a majority of our time squeezing our sweet niece and venturing with our family!

Who have been your biggest role models? Why?

Oh gosh, cue the tears!! Our greatest role models are our parents and grandparents. We would literally be NOTHING without them. They are the true definition of love, loyalty, generosity, and dedication. Any dream we had/have, they are always so supportive, always along for the ride, and give us the tools to chase and achieve anything we set our mind to. Really, they are the ones who kick started our singing journey – no questions asked! They’re at every single performance, to set up/break down, dance to every tune and sing to every song, with beaming smiles from ear to ear! But it’s not just our gigs – this has been true for every moment in our lives. They’re our greatest inspiration and truest “fans”.

What do you love about your job and/or life?

Carlie: I am fortunate enough to experience so much joy in both of my jobs, as a social worker and as a performer. I am incredibly grateful to wake up every morning excited for what the day brings! I find it so rewarding to grow in learning from others, meet many inspiring & beautiful people, and support the community that has supported me. We are so thankful and so appreciative of our family, friends, and all of the wonderful people in our lives who have, and continue to, guide us, encourage us, shape us, and believe in us! No matter what dream we are chasing, we know they’re always running beside us to catch it! We have an unbelievable support system surrounding us, and for that, we couldn’t be more grateful. THAT truly is the best part of life – spending it with the people you love.

Casey: Where do I begin? I love that my jobs are not work, they are my passions and huge part of life. Both of my jobs provide me with the opportunity to be a small part in a large community. They inspire me to set goals for myself and challenge me in ways I am forever grateful for.  I love being able to check out different establishments and traveling with my family. It has allowed me to meet new people; who have gone from complete strangers, to close friends, to family! Most importantly, I LOVE that I get to experience both with my best friend in the entire world!! From morning phone calls on our way to work; to brainstorming ideas on our lunch breaks; drinking grape juice over planning and rehearsing; braving new songs and harmonies; Carlie is with me through it all as my constant support, advice line, a hug, and always a laugh! Getting to do this with her is by far the best part of my life!!

What has brought you or given you the greatest satisfaction or fulfillment?

Our greatest accomplishment… with the support of family, friends, and incredible people we’ve met through music… has been to do what we love , with those we love, every single weekend. From putting on performances in our living room as kids to now performing at wonderful establishments and events, has been a fulfilling journey. Every performance is an opportunity to meet new friends, spend time with our family & friends, visit many new places, and sing our hearts out! We are truly grateful for every single person, every establishment, and every minute that we are able to live out our dream.

Something most people don’t know about you?

Carlie: Most people don’t know that I secretly love alternative music! Casey and I used to spend our drives to and from school singing along to some Secondhand Serenade, Dashboard Confessionals, and Mayday Parade.

Casey: Most people don’t know that I love NYC and jamming out to broadway tunes. Growing up in a rural town, people are shocked to hear that I love exploring the city any chance I get!

Name one thing on your bucket list.

Carlie: There are so many places I’d love to visit, things I want to accomplish; and sites I really want to see, but if I have to pick one thing on my bucket list… it would be to perform at a sold out arena!

Casey: I would love to travel to and explore Ireland! Ever since I was in high school, this has been a dream of mine. After visiting Africa my senior year of college, I realized I enjoy traveling out of the country and diving into a different culture & way of life!


When/where do you get your best ideas?

Carlie: I would say when I’m blasting music in my car with the windows down. Something about an open road and my favorite tunes, open my mind to my best ideas!

Casey: I feel that my best ideas come when collaborating with a team! I love bouncing around ideas and brainstorming with other people.

Name three things you can’t live without.

Carlie: Family, friends, and music.

Casey: My phone, music and family.

Oddest thing in your purse right now?

Carlie: This may be odd… but I don’t ever carry a purse!

Casey: Searched my purse up & down and am now questioning my over abundance of gift cards!!

Current fashion/beauty obsession?

So full disclosure, we are the farthest thing from being fashionable! But definitely love that scrunchies are making their way back on the scene . We used to wear them every day when we were kids! If they weren’t in our hair, they were on our wrist. It’s cool how history repeats itself .

Favorite thing to do in your area?

When we have the opportunity; we love meeting & supporting other musicians by checking out local live entertainment!  It’s exciting and refreshing to see how music truly brings people together.


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See Them Live: Upcoming Performances

Instagram: @GrouserGirls

Facebook: @GrouserGirls

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    I am right there with you on the girl crush! They are amazing inside and out! One of a kind family for sure!!


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