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10 Gift Ideas for the Go-Getter in Your Life

It’s no secret that I’m career-driven and a huge seeker of work-life balance (a feat I’m still trying to conquer). And because I surround myself with like-minded women, I’m always on the lookout for gift ideas for the over achievers in my life.

No easy task, let me tell you!

And because you may also be on the lookout for the perfect gift for the female go-getter in your life, I’ve collaborated with my friend Melanie Spring to bring you ten gift ideas that will appeal to anyone on your list who isn’t afraid of a little hustle!


‘Not Sorry’ Necklace & Hat | $38 and $25.99

not sorry necklace and hat by the hollis co

Photo: The Hollis Co.

Sometimes you need a reminder that you are ‘not sorry’ for being who you are or going after what you want. Whether you wear it on your neck or on your head, wear it proudly. The not sorry necklace comes in a lovely package and is a great quality. I always get compliments when I wear it! The hat version is a gorgeous Tiffany-blue (my personal favorite) with embroidery. [JG]


Powersheets | $60

Powersheets for productive women

Photo: Cultivate What Matters

Do not let the beauty of these tools fool you. PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planners have everything you could need to focus on the year ahead of you. Done right the exercises will make you dig deep (really deep) and find clarity. A must for everyone seriously pursuing their passions! (I also recommend the [JG]


How To Bullet Plan Book | $14.50

How to Bullet Plan Book

Photo: @frlbixbooks

I found How to Bullet Plan when I was in Scotland after trying to read the (terribly boring & hard to understand) Bullet Journal book, read it on the plane home, and am already implementing it. It’s simple, easy-to-read, and way better than any planner I’ve ever tried. [MS]


City Adventurer Backpack | $168

City Adventurer Backpack Lululemon

Photo by Lululemon

For those of us who travel a ton & ALSO have to go to meetings upon arrival, The Lululemon Adventurer Backpack is simple, compartmentalized, and adorable. Plus, it’s washable. [MS]


Goals hat | $25.99

#goals baseball hat in pink

Photo: The Hollis Co.

I’m unashamed when it comes to my ambition. I’ve got goals and I’m not afraid to pursue them or declare them. That’s why the minute this #goals hat hit the market I snapped it up. I’m picky when it comes to hats and this one is super comfortable, classy and looks great on just about anyone.  [JG]


10 Gift Ideas for the Go-Getter in Your Life


Headspace | Free Trial + Subscription Options

The Headspace app

Image: Headspace

For those who can’t get their mind to take a break (like me), I suggest a subscription to Headspace. [MS]


Hourglass Productivity Sand Timer | $28.99

Orga Hourglass Sand Timer increases productivity

Photo: Orga Hourglasses

This hourglass sand timer is makes it easy (and elegant!) to track your work and prevent burnout with a time out feature. This one offers combo of 30 minutes of work plus 5 minutes of rest helping you stay focused and productive for longer. Plus they are just so gorgeous on your desk! [JG}


Acme Made Laptop Skinny Sleeve | From $30

Acme Made Skinny Sleeves

Photo: Acme Made

My Acme Made laptop sleeve has saved my laptop from being crushed more times than I’d like to admit. Thanks to this sleeve, it’s 7 years old & going strong. [MS]


Audible Subscription |  $14.95 per month

give the gift of an audible subscription

Image: Audible

If you want to lead in this world, you’ve got to constantly learn. For the person on the go there is nothing better than audio books. Some of my favorite books were devoured using Audible while doing laundry, taking the dog for a walk or commuting to work. A few of my favorites from Audible include:


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