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Gifts For Her: 10 Chic, Fun & Affordable Finds For Women On The Go!

Gifts For Her: 10 Chic, Fun & Affordable Finds For On The Go Chicks

We all have a lady in our lives whose work ethic we admire.

She’s smart. She’s savvy. She has style.

This go-getter in your life definitely deserves something special for all the hours she puts in at the office, serving on nonprofit boards, and making sure kids get from point a to point b.

To celebrate her individuality during the holiday season, I’ve gathered together a host of unique and useful gifts that’ll make her swoon. (Truth be told, I want every. single. item. on this list.)

Gifts For Her: 10 Chic, Fun & Affordable Finds For On The Go Chicks!

10 Gifts For Her

1. Kate Spade Pencil Pouch
How adorable is this? Kate Spade can do no wrong in my book. That being said, I don’t always have a Kate Spade budget, if you know what I mean. The ‘dot your i’s’ pencil pouch is super cute AND affordable! $30/ Nordstrom

2. ‘But First, Coffee’ Thermal Travel Mug 
If I know something about career girls it is that we LOVE our coffee. We also love hip accessories to carry out caffeine obsession in. (The typography on this thermal mug is to die for.) $14/High Fashion Home

3. Pink Fujifilm Instax Instant Film Camera
Who isn’t obsessed with Polaroid pictures?! The inner hipster in her will love this retro throwback. (And it’s available in other fun colors, too!) The pictures are the size of a credit card with white borders, and the camera comfortably fits in a small purse. $73/Amazon

4. Graffiti Charm Necklace
Every working-girl needs a mantra. This two-tone necklace with “be” engraved on one charm and “Kind, Free, True, Brave, Strong, Happy, Thankful, Compassionate” engraved on the other is a perfect adornment for the lady who wants it all. $10/Amazon

5. ‘Wild Thing’ iPhone 6 & 6s Case
It’s impact-resistant and features a rubber bumper inset to protect her iPhone. But. let’s face it, the real reason we like it is because its super sassy.  $35.00/Nordstrom

6. Be The Leslie Knope Tote
Oh, Leslie Knope. So wise, so inspiring, so perfectly hilarious. It is only right that there should be a tote bag devoted to her brand of inspiration. Everyone career girl should own this. $25.00/Charm&Gumption

7. Simplified Planner
The Simplified Planner is kind of a big deal. Search up daily planners on the Internet and you’ll quickly find blogs on blogs on blogs devoted to the Emily Ley and her unique and beautiful yearly planner. Her devotees swear by its ability to keep them on track in their quest for world domination. $58/Emily Ley

8. Good Vibes Pillow $7.15
Because sometimes a quirky little pillow is exactly what you need after a long day spent conquering the world. $7.15/Amazon

9. Tech Bookends
The perfect accent for her office or living room, these contemporary-chic bookends look gorgeous anywhere. $38.99/WayFair

10. Gentle Reminders Pencils
These charming and whimsical pencils are printed in gold with darling quotes. Proceeds from your purchase will help fund$12/ACDShop

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