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8 Simple Steps To Feed Your Side Hustle

Hold on to yourself because I’m going to deliver a shocking piece of reality … blogging is not my full-time gig. Try to contain yourself.

Like many of my cohorts across the globe, blogging is my side hustle. Do I dream of turning it into a full-time job that includes glamorous perks, travel opportunities and rewarding partnerships? Well, who wouldn’t? But for now it’s my passion project and one that I happily do because I love it and it fills my soul. I get a tremendous amount of personal gratification in connecting with others.

I would be lost without it.

How To Feed Your Side Hustle: 8 simple steps to get started right away!

I’m not alone in my side hustle pursuit, though. Many of you out there are also living that dream! From motivational speaking, to photography, to creating items for Etsy, the options for a passion project are endless.

Having a side hustle requires a lot of dedication, though. Working long nights, early mornings, and weekends. But if you truly love it, it’s worth it. I personally find that I’m more confident and happier at work and and with my family life when I’m doing something I care about.

8 Simple Steps To Feed Your Side Hustle

So, are you perplexed about how to feed your side hustle while also balancing your day job and home life? I’ve rounded up some tips and resources to make things a bit easier…

8 Simple Steps To Feed Your Side Hustle

1. Hack your productivity.

Get real organized, real fastMoving your side project forward while also getting to your day job during the week, not only takes organization, but also focus. You have to be committed. You’ll have to give up re-runs of Law & Order, set your alarm for a ridiculously early time, and make “no” your new favorite word. Search out and experiment with techniques that increase your efficiency and productivity to get more done in less time. Make a habit of crossing off your most dreaded to-do list item as soon as you sit down (in other words, eat that frog). Learn to prioritize your tasks in an hour a week! It’s possible, friends.

2. Keep an idea journal.

Inspiration can strike anytime, anywhere, and you need be be ready to record it. You’ll use this idea journal not only to capture all the things that happen to you throughout the day, but also to record goals, achievements, observations, etc. An idea journal helps you remember and develop your ideas and evaluate the lessons you learn along the way.

How To Feed Your Side Hustle: 8 simple steps to get started right away!

3. Use your time wisely.

Get creative with your commute, folding laundry, washing dishes and running errands! Turn your time into a virtual classroom by listening to a podcast or an audiobook. You’ll be able to learn new techniques that you can then apply to your passion.

4. Remember your “why” and revisit it often.

Stay fired up! You’ve got to be passionate about your side hustle or it won’t work. Because let’s face it, you’re adding a new layer of tasks and complication to your life so it’s important to make sure you keep your “why” ever-present in your mind. Why’d you embark on your passion project? What made you even start the thing? Keep those memories close, especially on nights when you’re burning the midnight oil and cursing at your computer.

5. Use your network.

Don’t be afraid to let your contacts know about your passion project by posting your work on social media and starting an email list. Collaborate with others at every opportunity. The bigger your network the more “luck” you’ll have!

6. Avoid burnout by learning to disconnect.

It’s so easy to lock yourself in a room and work all day and night, especially on the weekends. Learning to disconnect is just as important to your side hustle as working hard to accomplish it. Your brain needs rest to say motivated and creative. Disconnecting will help you solve the problems you’re facing. Get this: sometimes you need to schedule that down time so it actually happens. As side hustlers, it can be hard to slow down and give ourselves permission to relax instead of draining every waking minute free time. Do it.

7. Be smart.

When you’re ready to morph that side hustle into something bigger, you’ll want to set yourself up correctly. Check out these resources for a good starting place:

8. Honor your day job.

Though you may be totally obsessed with your side hustle, make sure you are still giving 110% at your “real” job each day! That means keeping my side hustle out of the office. Though you may hope to one day make your passion your paycheck, be patient and put in the work to maintain the current paychecks you count on each week.

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