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Glamping: Luxury Camping Near Washington, DC

They Call It Glamping: Luxury Camping Near Washington, DC

A few years ago I was working with a brand that had me shipped out to California to go camping.

When I first read the itinerary, I recall breaking immediately into a mad sweat, because HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER I DO NOT CAMP.

Sleeping under the stars in the open air with the nighttime sounds and the creepy crawlies and the unregulated temperatures is SO not my jam.

Glamping: Luxury Camping Near Washington, DC

I like a nice skylight to peer through as I snuggle on a for real bed in a room with running water, flushing toilets, hot showers, window screens, and central air.

Fortunately, this was that.

I hate the word glamping because, if I’m honest, as much fun as bonding with friends around a campfire is, there are few things glamorous about communing with nature, and even your cabins with the 400 thread count sheets aren’t going to convince me otherwise.

Glamping: Luxury Camping Near Washington, DC

It does make me slightly less creeped out about it and entirely more down with it though!

I just can’t use that word.

But, you know what I’m talking about.

Here’s where you can enjoy that sort of thing within reasonable driving distance from Washington, DC:

Rose River Farm

Rose River Farm is home to arguably some of the most luxurious yurts on the East Coast. Not sure what a yurt is? Doesn’t matter (but, if you must know it’s a round tent, basically), because all you need to know is that these are filled with all of the luxuries you could expect to find in any five star resort.  You can enjoy the rustic life: step out of your door and enjoy a host of nature based activities, and the modern comforts—WiFi, flat screen TV, heat and AC—when it’s time to unwind.

The Lodge at Glendorn

The Lodge at Glendorn offers guests an all around outdoorsy experience, with the luxury of not really having to sleep outside, drenched in bug spray to survive. It has more of a resort feel than many of the other properties we’re anxious to visit, but that makes it he perfect getaway for families with kids who don’t really think sitting quietly with a book makes for a fun time. The beauty of it is that mom can do that after her visit to the spa, while dad goes golfing and the kids enjoy a dip in the pool. Then everyone can hit the trails together for a hike, or jump in a paddle boat and spend some time on the lake, and then round out the evening in their well-appointed cabin or around their designated fire pit with S’mores for all!

Rock-n-Creek Cabin

Located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Rock-n-Creek’s cabin experience is as spectacular as it is unique. The cabin itself is a roomy three bedroom, two bathroom structure that would even make my house feel a bit cramped. With over 2,000 square feet of stretching out space, you should be more than able to get your relax on. And if the comfy accommodations won’t do it for you, maybe having a personal chef prep your meals while you’re there will. Because they can make that happen, too.


Because tree houses are seriously freaking cool. And the views from the ones nestled on the Primland property are mind blowingly awesome. Actual trees grow up, through, and around the houses, and they are so well appointed with modern luxuries and five star services that your nature-y getaway experience will be instantly elevated. Pun totally intended.

Savage River Lodge

Yurts. Yurts. And more yurts! Savage River Lodge has plenty on site to accommodate all guests looking for a romantic getaway (each yurt can only accommodate two adults). Everything you need for a luxurious cuddle is provided: comfy robes, plush towels, high thread count beds, comfy pillows, beverage bar, and a gas log fireplace. The on-site amenities, larger cabin options, and recreational opportunities make the lodge a wonderful getaway for couples or families.

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