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Pursuit of it All

A Visit To Avenue Suites In Georgetown

As a D.C. Metro resident, I’ve become one of those people who avoids the city as much as possible.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, it’s just that I, um, kinda don’t enjoy it.

The traffic, and the tourists, and the waiting, and the driving. It’s just more than I feel like investing in most days. And it’s so easy to put off—we can go after the Cherry Blossom Festival people leave, or when summer comes, or just before fall, or always some other time in the future because it’s just “right there.”

That’s silly and lazy of me. And not at all a part of my live-like-life’s-an-adventure motto I’m adopting for 2016.

So, when I got a chance to spend a couple of days in the city recently, I took it.

Yeaaaah me!

The lovely crew responsible for the Modus Hotel properties were kind enough to welcome me to one of their properties, Avenue Suites, when I was in town last week for the DC Auto Show.

Avenue Suites in Georgetown is the perfect place to stay when you're visiting Washington D.C.!

Avenue Suites is this stylish, cozy, sophisticated, and modern property located just on the edge of Georgetown. It’s such a part of the Georgetown landscape that you can almost drive right past it as you anxiously listen to your GPS lady yell at you about your destination being on the right.

And once you’re inside, the charm of that part of the city is brought to life in the modern decor and stylish ambiance they’ve created. It’s almost trendy, but the kind you know is going to stick around, and not so much that you feel old.

Avenue Suites in Georgetown is the perfect place to stay when you're visiting Washington D.C.!

Clearly I’m no professional hotel reviewer, but I know what I like when I see it, and I liked that the staff was awesome, that the beds were crazy big, that the suites were beautiful and super spacious, and that my shower was like a rainy day dream with a lot of smell-goods to wash my body with.

Avenue Suites in Georgetown is the perfect place to stay when you're visiting Washington D.C.! The rooms are super spacious!

It was the perfect place to be “stuck” on a snowy evening, and it would be a great location for those visiting to check out, too.

If you’re planning a trip into Washington D.C., and need a place to stay, let me help you consider Avenue Suites as an option!

5 Things To Know About Avenue Suites In Georgetown

1. The location is perfect.
I hate, hate, HATE driving my car around D.C. The traffic is lame, the parking is even lamer, and it adds all levels of time and heartache to your adventure. I prefer to use the Metro, or walk, or Uber wherever I need to go. The cool thing about Avenue Suites in Georgetown is that it makes all of these options better than driving.

They offer valet parking (it’s not cheap, but it’s D.C. normal) so you can ditch your ride and, if you enjoy walking, they are within not-dead-of-winter-in-a-snowstorm walking distance to tons of shopping and D.C. touristy type spots (seriously, they’re only a few blocks from the White House).

If you need to get further into the city, the Foggy Bottom Metro stop is just a 7 minute walk from Avenue Suites’ front door. I did it at nighttime in a snowstorm, no problem. Okay, teeny problem because people were slipping and sliding all over the place and I came thiiiis close to being annihilated by some dude who totally lost control of his body right in front of me. But, other than that, it’s a safe, heavy trafficked area (it’s near a university) that you can easily access from your hotel.

2. The rooms are ginormous.
Anyone who has attempted to travel to NYC with their kids will appreciate the spaciousness of these suites. You can lay in bed and chillax and your kids can hang out in the sofa/sleeper area without anyone having to touch. You’ll still have eyes on them the entire time, and you will still have to firsthand witness the fight that explodes over who looked at someone mean. But, you’ll have to actually get up and walk across the room to lay hands on them if necessary, and in my book that’s roomy!

3. You can eat what you want.
Right downstairs in the lobby is A Bar + Kitchen, a great place to order a cocktail and a small plate after a long day exploring. But, if you’re in the mood for more, there are tons of D.C. notable eateries within skipping distance, and even more that will pony up and bring you something yummy to grub.

4. Free. Wi-Fi.
The fact that places are trying to make you pay for it again is so, so much sadness.

5. The staff is amazing.
Everyone onsite was so kind and helpful. They gave directions, food recommendations, and reminders to not bust my tail on the slippery streets when I insisted on venturing out during the onset of the snow. Everyone was smiley. Everyone was knowledgeable. And the valet dude brought my car around so quickly it made my head spin (note: slow valet dudes are a thing for me).

But wait, there’s more…

Avenue Suites isn’t their only D.C. offering. Modus Hotels also brings you The Normandy Hotel, in the Dupont Circle area; The River Inn, also in the Georgetown/Foggy Bottom area; George Washington University Inn; and One Washington Circle. The group has two additional properties heading to the city soon (Hotel Hive and H Street) and they also operate properties in nearby Rockville, Md., and Arlington, Va., with additional locations in Baltimore, Chicago, and Philly.

The cool thing about each location, whether it’s in D.C. or Chicago, is that they each have their own personality. A certain vibe that draws from their location and is designed to offer a unique experience to the guests that choose them. So, whether you’re a corporate traveler in town for a few days for work, or a few girlfriends partying it up in the city for a 40th bday extravaganza, Modus has a property and an experience perfect for you.

(And they can probably rustle a pretty sweet piece of chocolate cake and a candle if you let them know you’re coming.)

Note: We love Georgetown! Read more about Liza’s Georgetown Weekend Getaway, here!

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