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Pursuit of it All

Back To Pursuing ‘All The Things’

So it’s been awhile.

Life’s been chugging along in our little corner of the internet event though we’ve (gasp!) not been consistently recording it. Shocking when you consider our little group is about as document-y and overshare-y as they come.

Since the time we started this wonderful writing project, our lives have evolved. This project itself has evolved. Where once we were a merry band of four, Pursuit Of It All is now being steered by two. This change was brought about by nothing other than the simple realization that at this moment in time, we didn’t all share the same capacity for the project.

C’est la vie!

Lest you think otherwise, know that we all remain great IRL friends and bloggy fan girls. #truestory

So what’s the future for Pursuit now, you might wonder? The simple answer is – the same as it’s always been. 

The mission of Pursuit of It All was and is to create a space where women can go to discover others who are striving to pursue it all in their own lives. Be it career or  lifestyle, hobbies, projects or obsessions, we’re a tribe not satisfied with letting the moments simply meander by. We’ve got passion and purpose and one hell of a sense of humor. (Because, LIFE y’all.) 

So here’s to pursuing it all… together!

Blogger. Marketer. Deadline juggler. Flibbertigibbet. A fan of all things glitter and girly, Jen’s passions include gabbing with girlfriends, running marathons, sipping (okay, gulping) cocktails and waxing poetic about the tortured soul of Professor Snape. Rarely found without her nose in a book (or her iPhone), she acknowledges that her level of geekery might not be for everyone. Consider yourself warned. Her ultimate goal in life is to be a professional wanderer of the internet or Amy Poehler’s BFF. (Both totally accomplishable, of course.)

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