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7 Waxing Myths Debunked

True story, until I worked in the beauty industry I never had an in-depth conversation with anyone about waxing. I mean, I read an article or two about it but I didn’t actually ask around to get the dish. (Because that’s awkward.) Once I started working in the industry though, it was a normal topic of conversation. As in all the details were discussed. Like, all of them.

Turns out, I was wrong about so many things. And because I can’t be the only clueless human out there I asked my friend Kaytlin Garland, who just so happens to be an incredibly experienced waxing professional to debunk some of the biggest myths she hears regularly.

You’re welcome. 

7 Waxing Myths Debunked

7 waxing myths debunked

My hair will grow back thicker

This is a common misconception about hair removal in general. The actual truth is that with shaving, your hair will feel thicker because you’re chopping it off at its thickest point. Creating a blunt end rather than the naturally pointy soft tip that grows out naturally. With waxing, you’re removing the hair from the root. This makes the hair have to completely regenerate, which takes much longer, and it grows with the soft pointy tip which makes it feel finer. Also because you’ve stunted the growth, you’ll have less density because some of your follicles will take a much longer time to regenerate the hair.

Waxing is too expensive to maintain

This myth is definitely based on perception. How much is your time worth? Yes, technically you’ll spend more per year on getting waxing than you would buying razors. The huge HOWEVER though is this; you’ll only have to spend a short amount of time (anywhere from 5-45 minutes depending on what you’re waxing) in the salon every four to eight weeks getting a wax. Whereas when you’re shaving you not only have to do the deed every day (every other if you’re lucky) but you also need to go out and purchase new blades (which, by the way, should be changed every 5-10 shaves). You’ll probably need to purchase razor burn or ingrown hair cream at some point. And let’s not even mention the time you’ll spend ITCHING from the grow-out…you know what I’m talking about ladies! So really all of my guests would hands-down say it is a worthy investment to save them from the hassle, headache and time of shaving.

I have to wait until my hair is so long to get waxed

So there’s a slight truth to this myth…your hair does have to be a certain length. The majority of the hair should be at least ¼ inch. For some people, that’s only a week or two worth of growth from shaving. The wax needs to be able to grab onto the hair. The hair does not, however, need to be super long. In fact, if it is too long it can be more painful of a process.

Keeping in mind that hair grows much slower after a wax, typically you’ll wait anywhere from 4-8 weeks in between waxes depending on your individual hair growth.

waxing myths

It will hurt too much

To be fair, waxing is not painless. However, it is not as bad as you think it will be!

Most of the time I find that with new waxing guests it is the fear of the unknown that makes them apprehensive. I personally work with two kinds of waxes to make the experience more comfortable. Your first wax will be the most uncomfortable because your skin has never been through it before. Also if you’re about to begin or are on your period, you may experience more discomfort due to increased blood flow and hormones. If you ask any of regular waxing guests they’ll tell you it really does get better! If you don’t wait too long between sessions, you’ll find that the hair will grow back less dense. My philosophy? A few moments of sting now resulting in a few weeks of no hair = #worthit!

Getting down there waxed will be awkward

I promise you are way more worried about it than you should be. This is your waxer’s JOB. Kind of like an OBGYN. They see people of all shapes, sizes, hair/skin types with different things going on down there all the time! To a professional, it is just another area of skin that has hair you’d like to have removed.

I can’t speak for the entire waxing community, but I know the reason I’m in the beauty industry is to help people look and feel their best. I am not judging you in any way. I try my best to make you feel as comfortable as possible before, during and after the process. We talk about anything that makes you comfortable and I personally don’t make you get into any hard-to-hold or awkward-to-get-into positions.

7 waxing myths debunked

You shouldn’t get waxed while you’re pregnant

Oh man, I can’t tell you how many women come in for their first waxing while they’re pregnant because they simply “can’t see down there anymore.” You can absolutely get waxed while pregnant. The most important thing that you and your professional should be aware of is skin sensitivity. Because of your increased blood flow and hormones, it could possibly be more painful. However, there are specific steps your waxer can take to help make the experience more enjoyable. (Also, you should not lay flat on your back the whole time.)

I am too old to get waxed

There is no age limit to feeling beautiful and wanting to make your daily existence easier! As long as your waxer is experienced, they should be knowledgable about how to deal with waxing in clients with loss of elasticity in the skin. I find that it’s much easier to wax on aging skin than it is to shave it!



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