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Why You Need Beauty Pie Today

So let me just cut to the chase and say that a subscription to Beauty Pie is the wisest thing I have done for my skin (and wallet) in my life. 

I discovered Beauty Pie after a rather frustrating visit to a dermatologist. Like other women my age (hint: not 30 or even 40), I’ve been on the hunt to find anti-aging products that worked well but didn’t make me choose between looking younger and making my mortgage that month. 

Which, I found to be a near impossibility. After my consultation, the dermatologist recommended a variety of products, specifically a retinol eye treatment that would “work magic” on my skin. The product was .5 ounces and $85. 

Eighty. Five. Dollars. 

Fast forward a few weeks and during a podcast episode spotlighting female entrepreneurs, I was introduced to Marcia Kilgore the woman behind Bliss Spa, Soaper Duper and Soap & Glory. She was giving the scoop on how the beauty industry really works and her new company Beauty Pie.

I was fascinated. 

Before I go any further I do want to mention that this is not a sponsored post and I am not an affiliate. I’m just sharing my experiences. Consider me an investigative reporter or test case. That being said, every person who uses Beauty Pie can get a referral link – if you use mine – or anyone else’s – you can get your first month of membership fees free.

After doing my own research on Beauty Pie (there are tons of reviews from magazines, by the way) I became a member.

This membership has been a game-changer for me.

About Beauty Pie

Beauty Pie offers “luxury skincare and beauty products without the luxury prices.” How? By stripping out the extra fees associated with middlemen, shop fits, retailer markup and celebrity marketing.

Think Costco but a luxury beauty kind of Costco. When you join you get access to products from the world’s best beauty suppliers, in Switzerland, France, Korean, Italy and Japan at the prices they come out of the factory for minus the typical 1000% markup. 

Now, you might be skeptical and I completely understand that. I was as well. The good news is that the  site is incredibly transparent about their pricing. They’ll tell you exactly how much the item costs to produce (product, safety testing, warehousing, etc.) plus they will give you the typical price from retail establishments. 

How exactly does Beauty Pie work?

Well, you start by picking a membership with a monthly fee. (There are three options.) I have the $100 a year or $10 a month option. This gave me a $200 spend for my first month and $100 for subsequent months. 

Once you choose your membership option and get access to all of the wonder of Beauty Pie, you will most likely be overwhelmed. I personally wanted to buy everything. And I do mean EVERY LITTLE THING. (But alas, I still had to make my mortgage and feed my offspring.)

When shopping on the site it’s important to pay attention to the estimated store cost of the items you are looking at. Your spend is tabulated using this number. So for example, if the product you want to purchase would cost $50 in-store and your spending limit for the month is $100 like mine, you would still have $50 retail cost left for your monthly purchase. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at your Beauty Pie actual total. 

Of note: If you don’t use your entire spending limit one month, the remainder rolls over to the next. This will come in handy.

Again, the membership fee you pay per month (or year) is just the cost to get access  – like paying for a Costco or Sam’s Club membership. Once you are in the door you still have to pay for the items you would like to purchase.

Beauty Pie Skincare

I’m happy to report that when the Beauty Pie package arrives it is beautifully arranged. The boxing is pink and all of the products are wrapped securely in soft pink tissue paper. 

The products themselves come in modest packaging. You won’t get the fancy lipstick cases, frosted-glass jars or other such shiny extras but let’s be honest… it’s what’s inside that really counts. And that, my friends, is magic. 

Beauty Pie Packaging

But is it actually worth it? 

I did the math on what I would have spent on three products that were recommended to me at the dermatologist’s office and for that price I have not only gotten the subscription but also double the products with the same or very similar formulations. (Not to mention my new bronzer and lipstick obsessions.) 

I was very specific about the skincare products that I was looking for and dug deep into the reviews on the site before I made my purchases. 

My favorite products so far….

Of course, it could take some trial and error to find the products that will work for you personally. Almost all of the products have exceeded my expectations. And I’ve seen results that just can’t be denied. 

If this interests you, I encourage you to do some research and give it a try.

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