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5 Summer Skincare Tips You Can’t Live Without

Beach days, pool parties, lounging with friends — summer is finally here! This year, more than ever, I’m committed to relishing all sunshine and happiness I can get!

That being said, I’m not getting any younger (sigh) and I can’t afford to let the excitement of the season catch me or my skin unprepared anymore. So in the interest of staving off wrinkles and keeping a fresh-faced glow all year round, I’m jumping into new skincare routines with gusto!




1. Lighten up

When it comes to summer skincare, experts agree that it is important to transition our skin-care routine to accommodate for the hot months. As our closet leans toward linens and sheer cotton, our skincare ought to follow suit.

Dermatologists recommend switching out our thicker and more hydrating products for lightweight, non-greasy options that are overall better suited for the summer weather. Look for products with antioxidants and layer them under a lightweight moisturizer or wear alone. 


2. Make vitamin C a priority

A must-have for every facial routine during this season is a good Vitamin C serum. I wish I had known this sooner! Vitamin C is touted as one of the best anti-aging ingredients on the market — and the key to maintaining a smooth, even, and glowy complexion. It’s a potent antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and also helps brighten dull skin, assist with collagen production, and improve the appearance of fine lines.

Taking the additional step of layering a few drops on your face between cleansing and moisturizing every morning will go a long way towards maintaining beautiful skin.


3. Obsess over your eyes

Don’t forget to give your eye area some extra help as well. Summer sunshine can be harsh on the delicate eye region which is one of the most common for sunburns and premature wrinkles. (And nobody wants that!)

Stay ahead of under-eye lines and wrinkles with a targeted eye treatment and, of course, obsessive use of cute sunglasses.

4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

It’s impossible to tackle the subject of beautiful summer skin without mentioning the importance of proper hydration. Staying well-hydrated can offer a ton of benefits for the body, both inside and out including fighting fatigue, maintaining weight, and producing a radiant-looking glow.

In the summer you tend to lose more fluids than normal due to the heat and activity levels. It’s important to take extra steps to stay hydrated in hotter weather so aim for at least two liters of water per day to maintain a radiant looking glow. No moisturizer can work its magic if your body is dehydrated. That’s just a fact!

5. Sunscreen for the win!

The most important, fundamental, don’t-leave-home-without-it tip is the importance of investing in a good sunscreen. Experts recommend choosing a broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher on all exposed skin. 

It’s important to remember that sunscreen needs to be reapplied every couple of hours, so make sure to pack extra for long summer days outdoors. Trust me, your skin will thank you.



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