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Pursuit of it All

Brunching at Woodberry Kitchen in 2020

Well, it only took a pandemic for me to finally get to experience Woodberry Kitchen. I know, I know. I should have been living my best life sooner, but here we are.

After weeks and weeks of quarantine and socially-distanced life, I finally did something radical and snuck out for brunch with some girlfriends. But not just any brunch, a Woodberry Kitchen brunch. Yes, there is a distinction.

If you’ve not visited, it is definitely worth the trek. We traveled from Frederick, Maryland to Baltimore’s Clipper Mill and I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived. The restaurant is located a little off the beaten path but is tucked into this revitalized industrial style area complete with petite art studios and apartments. I’m pretty sure the Woodberry Kitchen itself is an old foundry building. It’s rustic-chic meets farm-to-table.



One of the things I loved about the experience is the food they use. Must be grown in the region. They have long-standing relationships with growers of the Chesapeake to provide the ingredients used in their meals. They call it “supporting thoughtful agriculture that respects the abundance and traditions of the region.” Count me in.

Above images via Woodberry Kitchen

My Experience

Brunch was served prix fixe menu style and, as it turned out, that was the perfect way to experience Wodberry Kitchen for the first time. My meal included:

  • Fresh watermelon juice
  • Bakeshop board
  • Crab Benedict – English muffin, crab cakes, fish pepper hollandaise, eggs, skillet potatoes
  • Cantaloupe sorbet & summer fruit

I also chose to sip  “Petillant Naturel’,  a sparkling Chardonnay wine by Old Westminster. 

Everything was fantastic, I’m happy to report. Most definitely a step above most brunches I’ve experienced. The service was excellent and we had some very attentive and socially mindful servers who made us feel very comfortable. The only con was that we happened to be visiting on a hot day so I would have preferred an indoor option, which they did not provide. C’est la vie!

It is important to note that pricing for brunch on their current menu ranges from $25 – $39, not including beverages. If you are a fan of brunching then this pricing will not phase you. It was worth it in my opinion for the beautiful setting, scrumptious meal, and incredible food. (Which my photos do not do justice. Apologies in advance.)


Woodberry Kitchen Brunch Bakeshop Board

Benedict purists do not despair! I requested my eggs not poached. The poached version my tablemate ordered was perfect.

Customer Safety

Worried about safety while visiting? Woodberry Kitchen is taking quite a few precautions to keep their guests safe. Some that I observed included:

  • Single-use menus.
  • Flags positioned on the table so that you can let your server know they are needed.
  • Servers using masks use gloves at all times.
  • Arm handle to open the door to the building.
  • Touchless bill payment.

Where: 2010 Clipper Park Road, Suite 126, Woodberry

Contact: 410-464-8000,

Summer 2020 Hours: Supper & live music on the patio Wednesday through Sunday 5–10pm, Brunch every Sunday 10am–2pm.


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