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What we love: May 2015!

What We Love: May 2015

We aren’t what you’d call experts, we’re what you’d call connoisseurs. We collect and enjoy awesomeness, and then we dress it up pretty, surround it with words, and share it with all of you. Check out this month’s What We Love!


So. Many. Things.

That’s what I discovered this month.

An adorable romper, a pair of smoking hot heels, and a lovely necklace for starters, but that’s because I was looking for birthday ideas to surreptitiously slip to my husband so he didn’t mess up my “29 Again!” birthday celebration for me because he asked for guidance.

I knocked out more than just some online shopping this month though.

For example, I joined Snapchat (I’m therealdudemom if you want to like chat with me). I felt very 13 about it. At least until I actually logged in and could not even figure out how to use the stupid thing. After several long hours, I finally nailed down my first chat where I stared awkwardly into the camera for 8 seconds. I’m not giving up, but I’m also not sure it’s for me.

What We Love: May 2015 - Amanda

Know what is for me? Photos. I am a photographer, so naturally I love photos. But, what I love more than anything are the photos I take with my phone. Especially when I can print them quickly, easily, and cheap and have them sent to my house in all of their square goodness. Social Print Studio, y’all. They make Instagramers’ dreams come true.

I had my first burger at Rex’s. It’s that newish spot downtown on the corner of  Maxwell Avenue and E. Patrick Street. I’m not a burger eater generally; but, I have to admit, it was joyful. May’ve really been the milkshake I paired it with, but who knows. I’d go back, is the point. I’d go back for a burger and a shake. And I’d probably have some fries too.


I’m a huge self-help geek. (If you haven’t figured it out by now, you soon will.) This article by Dave Kerpen gives solid tips on how to become your best work self.

My newest wine crush is Big Cork Vineyards. This vineyard and tasting room is located in Pleasant Valley, a stone’s throw away from my mother’s house in Washington County, MD.
What We Love: May 2015 - Jen at Big Cork Vineyards

We (my mom, sisters and I) spent our Mother’s Day enjoying a lazy afternoon on the patio. I tried only one type of wine – Russian Kiss – which was so lovely that I never ended up sampling any other variety. (Note to self: Go back. Try. It. All.)


This month I discovered dark polish and short, squoval nails. Perhaps not the most practical of polishes (ahem, chips show up like a beacon at night), but with a glittery top coat, I’m pleasantly surprised at how well they have lasted so far: two days, with only minor chipping.

Note: I can’t believe I just said “squoval” AND “glittery top coat” in the same thought. It’s as though Jen “all things sparkle” Gerlock took over for a moment… (Fun, nevertheless!)

I also took time to plant a container garden for my front porch, with my mom.

What we love: May 2015 - container garden!

Unlike me, my mother and sister both have bright green thumbs. I…do not. The fact that it’s been over a week, and not only are the herbs and petunias still alive, they’re also thriving, must mean there’s magic in the air! Whatever it is like simply remembering to water, I’ll take it.

Fourteen charts that will help lazy people throw a dinner party? COUNT. ME. IN.

Not gonna lie, I didn’t realize there was “speak selection” on the iPhone that you can use to read texts aloud. Bonus, you can pick a BRITISH accent to read those texts (because everything sounds better with a British accent, right?). Here are 20 other things you might not know about your iPhone.

The husband and I had a date night at The Tasting Room in May! As much as I don’t have time for happy hours anymore, we REALLY find it hard to pull date nights together. So, dinner out together was a happy treat! This, by the way, was yummy. More details soon…

Speaking of British accents, my book club is reading The Girl on the Train right now. Since I hardly have time to even read my mail, I decided to get the audiobook instead – which happens to be read by three different British-accented women. Loving it.


Anything that makes my friends laugh is fine by me!

Blue Q Wet Wipes

When I saw these wet wipes, I just had to buy them. Because who doesn’t want to laugh until they pee their pants? Word of warning : visiting the site will cause you to spend all of your money. Because these socks! And this lip balm! And…

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  • Most definitely read the ebook of The Girl on the Train and absolutely couldn’t put it down myself!!


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