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10 Summer BBQ Recipes

10 Amazing Summer BBQ Recipes

It’s BBQ season!

And, if you’re like me, the desire to wow your friends with your kitchen awesome is probably raging.

Or, you just really want a go-to dish to ensure that you will get invited to all of the BBQs this summer.

Either way, a round-up of some of our favorite BBQ recipes seemed in order.

10 Amazing Summer BBQ Recipes!

10 Amazing BBQ Recipes To Wow Your Friends With This Summer

1. Finally watermelon season is upon us. Snag a few and add them to this easy watermelon arugula salad.


2. Another great starter dish, this vegetarian kale salad is as hip as it is tasty.


3. No summer BBQ is right without salsa, or as the say in Texas, Texas caviar!


4. Side dishes are often overlooked, this baked potato salad won’t be!


5. Also, try this fun twist on an old favorite: chipotle deviled eggs.

deviled eggs recipe

6. If you’re looking for a healthy, filling side, this summer couscous salad will be a win!

Summer Couscous Salad

7. No summer BBQ is right without a tasty dessert. Check out these pound cake bites with caramel sauce and fresh summer strawberries.

Pound Cake Bites with Caramel Sauce and Fresh Strawberries

8. These Captain America Hero Bites make for a seriously festive summer treat that you can even turn into a yummy blizzard!

Captain America Hero Bites

9. Can’t forget the beverages for all of your thirsty friends. Here’s a creative thirst quencher to start with: pineapple jalapeno lemon infused water.

Pineapple Jalepeno Lemon Infused Water

10. And, here’s one to really get the party started: London Mojito.

London Mojito

What’s on your summer BBQ menu?

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