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What We Love: June 2015 - NYC

What We Love: June 2015

We can hardly believe June is over. OVER. Fini.

Hello, July!

Summer’s in full swing now, and we’re loving the warmer weather except when it’s 100°F and desperately muggy, trips to the pool, evening cookouts with friends, dining al fresco, and family vacations.

In related news, it’s also time for the June round-up of things we love!


Summer exhausts me. Like I want to nap everywhere and move as little as possible in between.

Something about the heat. And the activity. And the kids crawling all over me begging for my attention.

And, my fashion game is not on point. Because, um, see above.

Fortunately, I am still all over accessorizing. Which explains my first love this month.

Mantra Bands. You can put your life mantra (mine is Choose Joy) on your arm to keep it in mind while also being in style. Double. Awesome.


And, in case it’s not totally obvious, writing is my jam. And not just blog writing, I seriously never leave home without a good old fashioned pen and paper. But, there’s nothing old about my paper. Because, hello funky, fresh notebook…


In non-shopping news, I have eaten my weight in cookie dough, fallen head over heals for Periscope (I am @thedudemom there), and can not stop sharing this article about real chicks in swimsuits, because AWESOME. And, based on the amount of cookie dough I have consumed, the idea of me in a swimsuit is freaking me out. Pretty much the only thing allowing me to enjoy the beach this summer is this in the back of my mind.


June is the month of transitions and travel in the Gerlock household. One day we were prepping for an 8th grade formal and the next jumping off of a seaside cliff in Mexico. Because of course.

My big obsession this month is my Passion Planner. It is part productivity planner, part appointment calendar, goal setting guide, journal, sketchbook, gratitude log & personal/work to-do lists all in one notebook. It is badass. Also, the story of how Passion Planner is came about is very cool. You should check it out. Anyway, its proving to be quite a nice all-in-one tool keeping my work/home/blog life together. Success!

I stumbled upon the best site the other day called Today I Found Out. In one single sitting I learned why some cheeses come in wheels and others in blocks, read Ghandi’s letters to Hitler, and learned about the “Occult Hand” (a secret society of journalists). It’s my new favorite place on the internet, next to Go Fug Yourself.


It’s been a busy month of good stuff for me, full of travel to NYC, Vegas, and Bloomington (What, you say? Yes, not seemingly the most glamorous of travel destinations, but fun nevertheless)! And, regardless of the exhaustion caused by schlepping a thousand miles over two and a half weeks, I still {heart} travel. What’s not to love about pulling up on this skyline, right?

What We Love: June 2015 - NYC

All this travel also means I’ve been sitting, a lot. On planes. And buses. And in taxis. So, naturally I spent an exorbitant amount of time playing Two Dots Temple Run Bag It! catching up on Facebook. I’ve heard about Dubsmash before (hello, friends – yours are funnnnny), but none have made me snort snicker more than Sidney Jayne Hunt’s two videos here and here on Facebook. They’re must-watches!

Also, in case you haven’t heard, or have been living under a rock, #LoveWins. And, this makes me very, very happy.

AND, I am obsessed with Periscope, too – just like Amanda and Jen. (Follow me @aMusingFoodie. Follow us @PursueItAll.)


Currently in love with Le Parc Bistro, a French inspired restaurant located on West Patrick Street, in downtown Frederick, MD. Their portions are wonderful and their presentation is lovely. I mean, who WOULDN’T want a side salad that looks like that?

Le Parc Bistro in Frederick, MD

Honestly, I’ve not had a bad experience there yet. (BTW – the Crab Benedict is to die for. Trust me on this.)

What did you love in June?


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