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Beauty Tips: Beat The Heat And Stay Beautiful This Summer!

Summer Beauty Tips: Beat The Heat And Stay Gorgeous

It’s summer and you know what that means: beaches, pool parties and vacations! And while that’s all well and good, it also means you’ll need a radically different approach to your beauty routine. (Because layers of heavy makeup melting off your face is never a good thing.)

We’ve gathered together some tips to keep you gorgeous from now all the way to Labor Day.

Here’s how to start…

Summer Beauty Tips

Skin: Let’s start with the basics here.

The first and most important summer beauty rule is simple: drink plenty of water! Drinking water will be way more beneficial to you than any makeup product I can recommend. Think of water as your little summer miracle worker.

Equally as important to your beauty routine is sunscreen (not to be a nag). We all know this, right? If you want to keep your skin looking naturally beautiful and healthy, you have to use the sunscreen daily. There’s just no other option.

And lastly, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. The more you keep your skin moisturized and nourished, the more you can prevent the arrival of wrinkles and dry, saggy skin.

Primer: Never underestimate the the value of a great primer!

Most women I know skip this step, but I’m on a quest to change your mind! Primers even and smooth out your skin, seal your pores, act as a base for whatever products you are applying afterwards, and help your makeup stay on longer. All good things, right?

So go out there and purchase a nice primer so your makeup doesn’t melt off your face.

Pro-tip: It only takes a pea-sized amount for each use. If a professional primer isn’t in your budget, use this hack to get the same results! (I use it and it works like a charm. For real.)

Summer Beauty Tips: Beat The Heat And Stay Beautiful!

Makeup: Let’s get real here.

Summer’s not the time to dump loads of makeup on your skin. Cut back on primping to let your natural beauty shine by keeping it light, fresh and bronzy.

Instead of a powder foundation opt for BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Eschew dark powder blush for a brighter, lighter cheek tint. Trade in vampy lipstick for a sheer lipgloss or a nice nude shade.

Don’t forget to apply water-resistant mascara and eyeliner! (Summer = perspiration.)

Bronzer: My favorite makeup product in the summer months.

It gives you a perfect tan glow on your face. I use it on my forehead, cheek bones, chin, nose — and sometimes as eye-shadow! It’s a great all-in-one.

Highlighter: This product is genius.

When applied in the right places, highlighter can make you look more youthful. (And we all want to look more youthful, right?) To get that glowing effect, use a soft highlighter above your eyes, on your cheeks and brow-bone. New at the highlighter game? Check out this video for help.

Sunless Tanning: Self-tanner can be a lifesaver. 

Just because you’re avoiding harmful rays doesn’t mean you can’t have a golden glow. Application can be tricky, though. For helpful tips (17 to be exact) on how to make your “faux glow” look authentic, see this resource.

Summer Beauty Tips: Beat The Heat And Stay Beautiful!

via Kalyn Nicholson

Heat-Proof Hairstyles: The struggle is real with summer hair, amirite?

Either you’re too hot and sweaty to make your hair look cute or you’re just too sweaty and hot. (Because, 90 degree weather!) Thankfully there are a few ways you can beat the heat and still come out looking decent. These four looks by Kalyn Nicholson will give you some hope for your tresses.

Dive into this Pinterest board for genius summer beauty tips and lots of options to keep you looking fresh and fabulous!

Got a summer beauty secret of  your own you would like to share? We’re all ears!

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