At this very moment, which row are YOU living your life in? Let me clarify as you ponder.

You may recognize the photo below. It’s been circling around Facebook for eons. The caption reads: “How Do you live  your life? Are you in the first row or the third?”

Living Life In The Front Row!

I’m such a fan of this pic. Indulge me for a moment and take a long look at it.

Clearly no one’s partying in the third row.

Which begs the question: In the grand scheme of life, where would you say you currently sit? Or better yet, where would you like to sit?

I’d like to be in the front row, thank you very much.

Front row riders:

  • Are fearless (Not afraid to look stupid. Will try pretty much anything just to say they did it.)
  • Are passionate (They have strong emotions/opinions and don’t apologize for it.)
  • Are fun loving (The obnoxious-laughter-jump-into-puddles kind of people.)
  • Are free spirited (Inhibitions? Never heard of them!)

I’d currently classify myself as a second row rider. I’ve been known at times to dance in the rain, laugh way too loudly and carry a wicked sense of humor. But by the same token I have a tendency to stifle my spirit in the name of being  “appropriate” or living up to some else’s expectations. I guess you could say that I enjoy the ride, but long to be one of the folks consistently whooping it up in the front seat.

I’m really tired of wishing I were up front.

How about you—do you ever find yourself hesitating or regretting your life in the safe zone? Ever yearned to throw caution to the wind, let loose, and have some fun?

Me too. And it’s a shame.

I’m thinking it’s time we all moved up to the front row!


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