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What We Love: August 2015 - Marley Spoon

What We Love: August 2015

Even though we’re still reasonably ensconced in summer, there’s a glimmer of fall out there.

Leaves are kissed with yellows, and at night it’s cool enough to sleep with the windows open. Well, at least most of the nights—it’s Maryland, which means it can be 70°F and pleasant one day, and 100°F and oppressive the next.

That said, the beginning of fall is pretty great. You can wear your skinny jeans, a scarf, and a cute lightweight sweater, but still toss on sandals and forget about a jacket. Beautiful.

What We Love: August 2015

The ladies of Pursuit didn’t travel as much in August; but, we sure were busy around town and most certainly stumbled upon some great finds, both online and off!


The kids are back in school and I’m ensconced in catching up on work I’ve neglected for the past two months. Basically this means I am spending a ridiculous amount of time in my jammie pants catching up on Orange Is The New Black on Netflix, a task made easier thanks to my Google Chromecast. I am SO in love with that thing because it allows me to watch things from my iPad on my big TV. So much easier, and I can watch TV while I also work on the laptop.

Also on the list of things I’m loving, these cool 2D bags that kinda make me want to go back to school, and these Bzees shoes that make me want to spend every single day of life walking miles around Disney World. Not that I really need convincing for that one, but it’s SO hard to find shoes that are seriously comfortable for long term walking. These shoes are those shoes. And, they are actually attractive to look at. Win. Win.


August has been a blur for me. My husband is recovering from bypass surgery (yes, I’m being serious) and things are flying by at the speed of light. Because of my specific life situation (read: constantly on the verge of a meltdown) I’ve tried really hard this month to enjoy simple pleasures and savor each moment. Life is short and the people you love need to know how much you care. 

I’m totally in awe of the gal from Cakes to Die For in Frederick. Every single time she has taken on a project of mine, she’s hit it out of the park. Like these gorgeous birthday cupcakes designs made especially for our lovely Pursuit gal, Sue. All I said was “queen bee” and “birthday” and out came two dozen gorgeous and delicious masterpieces. 


First off, an update for last month’s What We Love! I’m pleased to say that I started Outlander while on vacation in late July, and I have LOVED it. I’m about 3/4 of the way done, and hope to have it finished soon. Glad to have the second book here already!

I also tried two subscription meal delivery services in August (Marley Spoon and Blue Apron), and I was pleasantly surprised by both! As a foodie and a food blogger, I always felt like those things were cheating somehow. (And yet, they looked SO FUN when others talked about them on Facebook)! They’re kind of like Stitch Fix, but with food. What I loved about the experience is that with both, I tried recipes and combos that I would have otherwise not come up with on my own! I know tons of foodies who can appreciate that.

What We Love: August 2015 - Marley Spoon

You can read more about one recipe I made from Marley Spoon (pictured above), here.


ALL things scary!

What We Love: August 2015 - Screamland Farms

Went to watch video being shot for new Haunt “Escape the Woodshed” at Screamland Farms. Had a blast seeing the behind the scenes filming. Can’t wait to experience the real deal!

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