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Pursuit of it All

Using the Concept of Buckets to Guide Your Year

Real talk. I usually LOVE New Year’s resolutions. I love everything about the fresh start, the deep dive and the joyful hope of it all.  

But this year I just couldn’t muster the energy for it. As someone still on her recovery journey from burnout, I’m giving myself some grace for not getting into it on the same level as in year’s past. 

Instead of abandoning the practice though, I decided to shift my focus to concentrating on intentional buckets of priorities instead. 

The Buckets Guiding my Life in 2022

  • Bucket #1 – Health: fitness, wellness, nutrition, healing
  • Bucket #2 – Learning: reading, watching, listening, exploring passions
  • Bucket #3 – Creativity: writing, journaling, blogging, experimentation without fear
  • Bucket #4 – Adventure: travel, exploration, discovery, experience gathering
  • Bucket #5 – Fun & Laughter: finding joy, happiness and the pursuit of belly laughs
  • Bucket #6 – Faith, Gratitude &  Relationships: Deep intentional work 

And although this may seem a bit loosey-goosey, I’m 100% serious about digging into them. So much so that I created and professionally printed a poster board that is now perched on an easel in my bedroom. I study the imagery a few times each day. It is a tangible reminder of the things I’ve pledged to concentrate on. (​​No doubt you’ll be seeing me on social media referencing these buckets throughout the year.)

I’ve never gone after life in this manner before so I hope it is just as powerful. (I also hope my husband doesn’t get supremely sick of my poster board taking over the bedroom!) I have no doubt that I’ll be following up here throughout the year so stay tuned, friends!

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