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25 Small Holiday Acts Of Kindness

There’s no time of year that fills my heart with joy quite like this time of year.  When you think about it, we hurry and scurry around for a good month or two (or three depending on how organized/obsessed you are), with one end game in mind: TO BRING SOMEONE ELSE JOY.

It’s just magical.

Each holiday season I am in awe of the kindness I see displayed around me, and every year I vow to take my own efforts to the next level. So I started making an idea list. The goal being to carry out one very accomplishable, yet meaningful, random act of kindness a day from December 1st to December 25th.

In the spirit of the season I’d like to share my personal list in the hopes that it inspires others to join in as well. I promise everything is totally do-able in your daily life, requires minimal effort, and will make someone’s day!

25 Small Holiday Acts Of Kindness

1. Give up your spot in line.

2. Make holiday ornaments for your neighbors.

3. Help someone do a chore or other job.

4. Purchase and donate dog and cat food for pets in need.


5. Take small Christmas treats or simple gifts along while running errands to pass out to cashiers, servers or other employees you encounter.

6. Hand out candy canes to everyone in line at the post office or grocery store.

7. Take hot chocolate and snacks to holiday bell ringers.

8. Donate food to a food bank.

9. Shop for children who are in the hospital over the holidays.

10. Bring in donuts, bagels, or coffee for co-workers.

11. Take baked goods to your local fire or police station to thank them for working tirelessly to keep our community safe.

25 Small Acts Of Holiday Kindness

12. Pay for someone’s order at a coffee shop.

13. Volunteer your time at a local charity.

14. Go out to dinner and surprise your server with a large tip.

15. Call or write to a family member you haven’t seen or spoken with in a while.

16. Place a giant pile of pennies next to a fountain and leave a note about wishes.

17. Tape money to vending machines.

18. Give a $5 grocery gift card to the person behind you in line at the store.

19. Give a fast food restaurant gift card to a homeless person.

20. Cook a special meal for your family. (Good food and family time—that’s two acts of kindness in one!)

21. Send letters or care packages to soldiers defending our country.

22. Fill a parking meter downtown on a busy day.

23. Make Christmas goodie boxes for your mail and garbage carriers.

25 Small Acts Of Holiday Kindness

24. Make a card for and spend time with an older adult in your life.

25. Donate “most needed” items (diapers, feminine hygiene products, wipes, formula) to a shelter or other organization.

See what I mean? And there are literally tons more ideas out there to chose from. Got something to add to the holiday kindness list? Leave a comment below!

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