When life gets hectic and deadlines loom, reading can be one of the first things to fall off the radar. Especially reading for pleasure.

I am a self-proclaimed book geek. Ever since I was a child I’ve devoured books. In my opinion, there is nothing (AT ALL) more satisfying than spending a rainy day curled up with a page-turner.

Oddly enough, until recently I’ve not been a part of an organized reading effort. I had no idea what I was missing.

Reasons To Join A Book Club

Why You Should Join A Book Club

It’s a break from everyday life.

Books and book clubs can pull you up out of your world when life gets tough. (And it always gets tough.) Joining a book club is both an escape and a journey into something rich and wonderful. It is a chance to lose yourself.

My book club truly keeps me sane; it’s the circle on my calendar, often the light at the end of a very long tunnel.

To stretch your reading muscles.

Reading books for nothing more than their entertainment value, is a joy unto itself.

Why You Should Join A Book Club

(IMHO) Books you read in a structured setting tend to offer you more variety as well as lead you a bit out of your comfort zone. I know that I personally read more carefully (and thoughtfully) in a club setting because I know that I’ll be expected to contribute to the discussion at large.

Intellectual stimulation.

Admit it – the last time you debated the finer points of anything was in college. How often in our everyday life are we actually pushed to think (and speak) outside of our comfort zones?


Each new read is a chance for us to learn more about ourselves, as well as society at large. Book club members don’t always agree on everything, which makes the discussions that much spicier and memorable.

Its fun!

It’s not just about books, you know. There’s wine. And snacks. And friendship. And camaraderie. Taking the time to enjoy yourself and have some fun with people who love to read is rewarding. It also helps inspire and recharge your creative juices. Also, there is usually wine. (Did I mention that yet?)

I’ve benefitted in so many ways from being a member of my book clubs (yes, I am involved in more than one) both intellectually and personally. The exposure to the diverse types of literature and life viewpoints I wouldn’t have encountered otherwise, has truly helped me grow.

Want a peek into some of the great reads I’ve tackled so far this year? I have a Pinterest board devoted to to the subject. (I’ll be adding to it throughout the rest of 2015, so check back often.)


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