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Pursuit of it All

Great Scott! It’s October 21, 2015!

My first movie crush was an adorable high school time traveler named Marty McFly.

Great Scott! It's October 21, 2015!

I loved everything about him. He was handsome, funny, super charming and could bust out a mean guitar riff.

I even loved his name… M A R T Y.

Oh yeah, I crushed on him hard.

I would spend evenings watching Back to the Future movies and reading through Tiger Beat magazine, all while looking forward to the “2015” that was predicted in the movies.

Hydrating McDonald’s food.

Self–lacing shoes.

Rejuvenating masks.


Flying cars.

Now THESE were ideas I could get behind!

Sadly, here I sit on the eve of Wednesday, October 21, 2015, and my present isn’t exactly as glamorous as our ol’ buddy the Flux Capacitor predicted. (Honestly, why haven’t we invented rehydrating meals yet?!)

Okay, so obviously we can’t fault the writers for not predicting the future correctly. (They did actually get a few things right, though.)

In honor of the big day — October 21, 2015 — here are…

5 Fun Back to the Future Tidbits

1. Marty wasn’t the only cool thing about the Back to the Future movies.
Doc was the scientific anchor of the show. His bushy hair and crazy personality was the reason why many people still use the term “Great Scott!” to this day. Fans of the Doc will appreciate the commentary on his brand new profile page on Facebook. (Tip: Interact with the page. You just might be surprised at what you experience!)

Doc Brown

2. Jaws 19, anyone?
Universal has released a fake trailer for Jaws 19, the film Marty is terrorized by when he travels to the year 2015 in the 1989 film. The trailer promises that 19 will be even better than Jaws 17: Fifty Scales of Grey. Yes, you read that right. Pure awesomeness!

3. In Back to the Future II, Pepsi cost a cool $50 in Hill Valley — ouch!
In real life, fans can pick up their own bottle of Pepsi Perfect (limited edition, natch!) for the bargain price of $20.15. (See what they did there?) It’s definitely a bargain considering how much Michael J. Fox shells out for a drink in the film.

4. If you couldn’t get past the super cool shoes McFly sports, know that Nike plans to release a line of self-lacing, light-up trainers like those worn in the film.
According to reports, they’ll include laces powered by “motorized rollers that will tighten automatically when someone steps into the shoe.” Look for them before the end of the year.

5. Every time I see a DeLorean I want to ride in one.
Because of course. (Admit it, you secretly want to as well.) If you feel the same way, know that Lyft is offering free DeLorean rides on Wednesday, October 21, in New York City! Hint: Use the “McFly Mode” toggle on the app.

And of course, even the former stars are getting in on the action and having a few chuckles…

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