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5 Unique Races To Run Nearby: Fall 2015

5 Unique Races To Run Nearby: Fall 2015

I love fall running season. The weather is perfect and the race opportunities are (almost) limitless. Problem is, there are almost TOO many choices.

Why enter the same ol’ 5K when you can run from zombies, chow down on cupcakes, or sip chardonnay?

Whether you’re looking to dress up, dodge the undead, or sip vino at the finish line, we’ve put together a list for you of five fun race options in the Washington, D.C. region!

BONUS: races with an asterisk have a discount code associated!

5 Unique Fall Races To Run Nearby

Unique Races To Run Nearby: Fall 2015

1. Sprint Four the Cure – September 19, 2015 (Washington, D.C.)*

What if I told you that Four Seasons DC puts on a 5K complete with a hot breakfast buffet, Georgetown Cupcakes, and prizes valued over $1,500? This race is a no-brainer, in my book (and not just because I happen to be the race director—HA!). Sprint Four the Cure is a 5K chipped race/walk that raises funds and awareness for cancer research at the Washington Cancer Institute at MedStar Washington Hospital Center. The morning is full of fun extras including messages, lavish door prizes and a full breakfast.

*Use the code SFTCINF at checkout to receive a $5 discount on registration!

Sprint Four the Cure 5K

Sprint Four the Cure

2. Chardonnay 5K – August 30, 2015 (National Harbor, Washington, D.C.)

They had me at WINE. The Chardonnay Run is new national 5K wine racing series that rewards runners with wine at the finish line! (Pretty much my dream race.) This untimed fun run will debut in our area at the National Harbor in D.C. on Sunday, August 30. The post-race bash features wine (of course!), food, live music and other festivities. (Seriously. Sign me up already!)

5 Unique Races To Run Nearby: Fall 2015 - The Chardonnay Run

The Chardonnay Run

3. Mud Dog Zombie Run – October 31, 2015 (Frederick, MD)*

Why do a normal 5K when you can spend Halloween morning running away from the undead in a cornfield? The Mud Dog Zombie Run is one part 5K, one part obstacle course, one part escaping the clutches of zombies — and all parts awesome. I’ve participated in this event for the past three years and it is mad fun! (We even brought out members of our soccer team and let them loose on the course.) Be sure to stay and enjoy the after-party with some Jailbreak beer and live music!

**Use the code pursuitofitall at checkout to receive a $10 discount on registration!

5 Unique Races To Run Nearby: Fall 2015 - Mud Dog Run

Mud Dog Zombie Run

4. Insane Inflateable 5K – October 31, 2015 (Washington D.C.)

Here’s a race that will blow your mind. It’s called the Insane Inflatable 5K and it is an extreme obstacle race, made up solely of inflatable obstacles. I know, right?! This touring race is the only 100% inflatable obstacle course in the world and from the pictures it looks like something I could even talk my teenagers into doing with me. (A miracle in and of itself, I tell you.)

5 Unique Races To Run Nearby: Fall 2015 - Insane Inflatable 5K

Insane Inflatable 5K

5. 10K Across the Bay – November 8, 2015 (Chesapeake Bay Bridge, MD)*

Driving across the iconic Bay Bridge is exhilarating for some and full-on terrifying for others. Anyone who’s lived in Maryland and probably most who have visited have crossed it — a 4.3-mile dual span connecting the western and Eastern shores. I personally love to cross the landmark. The view is stunning and it always makes me feel closer to the beach. (And who doesn’t love that feeling?) The 10K Across the Bay race is a opportunity to experience the bridge and its spectacular views through a truly unique experience. It’s high up on this runner’s bucket list!

*Use the code AMBMILCETICHJ15 to receive $5.00 off registration!

10 K Across the Bay

10K Across the Bay


So, lace up those kicks and get that training in because it’s going to be a blast this fall!

Tell us which races you’ll be running in the comments below!

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