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Renting a Cabin at Refreshing Mountain: It’s Like Roughing It, But Better


I am NOT an outdoorsy person.

It’s one of those things I feel particularly guilty about. Not guilty enough to like change it, but guilty enough to be like, man, I sure wish I liked being outside more because it’s kinda nice when I look at it from my window.

Refreshing Mountain zip line!

And my kids.

They LOVE being outside. They soak up all things active and outdoorsy. Swimming, hiking, biking, camping, snow boarding, spelunking (not even sure what that is, but I know one of them did it once). They are constantly begging me to do things that are miles outdoors-where-the-bugs-and-the-sun-are-all-over-you away from my comfort zone.

So, sometimes, a compromise is in order.

Refreshing Mountain was one of those compromises.

They offer a bunch of outdoorsy-like activities for people who dig that, but they also have cabins with bathrooms and kitchens and heat and stuff for those of us who know they will die if forced to live off the land.

It’s a quick drive from the Frederick area and, if you’re looking for a relaxing place to adventure, it’s a little bit perfect.

Did I mention they have showers with real bathrooms?!

Renting A Cabin at Refreshing Mountain

Weekend Getaways: 5 Things to Know About Renting a Cabin at Refreshing Mountain Camp

1. The location is perfect. Refreshing Mountain is located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It’s an awesome place to explore and there are plenty of fun day trips to keep you busy outside of the retreat. But, even if you don’t plan to venture out, the location itself is surrounded in beauty and secluded enough that you feel like you’re out in the wilderness roughing it like a pro. Until you go back to your cabin and rinse off all of the icky in your warm, clean, basically-like-a-hotel shower.

2. The cabins are cozy. They are furnished and sleep up to eight. They are not luxury cabins, but they are clean and indoor with running water and warm beds. They also have full kitchens for family meal prep while you’re there. They do NOT have televisions so don’t think you will round out your evening by seeing who gets voted off of American Idol! Fortunately, they do have wi-fi; they’re not cave people.

3. There is plenty to do. The zip line and adventure course were a huge hit for the young adventurers in my party. They also have a swimming pool, basketball courts, a playground, sand volleyball, and baseball. You can hike and fish and have a campfire for roasting s’mores. Getting bored is not likely to happen.

4. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They are happy to help problem solve and work hard to ensure that your stay at their retreat is memorable. We loved the guys who took us thorough our ropes course. My kids were very afraid when they began the course and one of them even got a little ill. The staff was supportive, encouraging, and helpful throughout. They never freaked or lost their smiles while my kid lost basically every single piece of his mind (apparently, one of my sons is dramatically afraid of heights, who knew?!)

5. It’s the perfect place to host a retreat. Think family reunion or team building type thing. They have the space, they have the staff, and they will work with you to create the perfect event for you and your group. They will even take care of meals in their dining hall (for 20 or more people)!

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