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Loews Annapolis: A Relaxing Getaway Nearby

This summer I had the opportunity to enjoy a complimentary girls’ night in with a few of my local blogging buds (and some really cool new peeps too).

Thanks to the lovely Loews Annapolis, I got to experience their wonderful location, partake in some delicious food and beer pairings, and soak up some fun and relaxation away from home for an evening.

Loews Annapolis: A Relaxing Getaway Nearby

I stuffed my belly with all of the delicious items Chef Teddy Folkman graciously provided us. I learned a few things about Belgian beer (like that there is this one maple flavored one that is, real talk, SO good). I got a Tarot card reading and had my spirit cleansed (with sage, thanks to the visiting spiritual, um, leader person). And, I left with a gorgeous pedicure and a new appreciation about the wonderful things Annapolis and the Loews there have to offer.

Perhaps you’re planning a getaway to the area, or a even a staycation if you live nearby; before you go, here are some things I’d like you to know.

10 Things To Know About Loews Annapolis

1. Baroak is in the lobby.

Known for its notable collection of Belgian and craft beer, Baroak Cookhouse and Taproom is the perfect place to grab a bite on your way to explore the Annapolis area. Or, choose to make Baroak your destination for the evening. Their delicious meal options are fancy enough to make you feel sparkly, but not so overdone you can’t let your hair down and have a good time.

Loews Annapolis: A Relaxing Getaway Nearby

2. Boats are sort of a big deal.

Annapolis is known for its waterways, and the people in and around the city actually use them to get from place to place. They also offer a great way to have a good time. The Loews Annapolis is happy to help you find the sea adventure that is just right for you and your party, but the Schooner Woodwind is a great place to start.

3. They are kid friendly.

They have tons of activities and amenities designed specifically for those with little sidekicks, and that includes the furry ones. Yep, you can bring your fur babies with you when you stay at Loews Annapolis and they will be cared for and welcome like one of the fam! Check out their cool pet policy before you go.

4. You can shop till you drop.

Annapolis offers a host of unique shopping experiences. Whether you’re in the mood to blow your cash on designer clothing or crab inspired souvenirs, you can find a shop that caters to your needs, probably within walking distance to the hotel.

5. The rooms are spacious enough for a family.

Or to sleep spread eagle in the bed with your things strewn all about because you’re finally alone!

Loews Annapolis: A Relaxing Getaway Nearby

6. The specialize in special.

Special occasions, special anniversaries, special experiences tailored to meet your travel needs. The on-site hotel concierge is happy to help you make arrangements, either with them or off site vendors and locations, to ensure that whatever you are celebrating goes off without a hitch.

7. Valet parking.

Yep, they have it!

8. Free wifi.

Check, they have that too.

9. There is an on-site fitness center.

For getting your workout on—although, if you’re a runner, Annapolis is a great place to take to the streets for some fresh air and cardio.

10. You can spa nearby.

With a great discount too! At Varuna Salon and Spa, located just a couple of blocks from the hotel, guests of Loews Annapolis receive 10% off all services. So go relax, you deserve it!

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