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Girl Crush: Mary Barry

Our latest “Girl Crush” is something special. If you’ve met her, then you know exactly why we wanted her as our third feature.

This week we’re crushing on Mary Barry, Vice President, Business Development Officer at Frederick County Bank (FCB). Mary is truly a gem! (Not to mention ridiculously adorable.) She is involved in everything (or so it seems) and has a vivacious personality that makes you want to be her BFF immediately. Her community work has helped and inspired so many people in the area, and she can ROCK a gala. Like, for realz.

Girl Crush: Mary Barry

Give us the deets on your life and career…

My life is simply fantastic. Tom, my husband of 14 years, and I call Frederick our home. Neither of us were born here, but I can say I was mostly raised here. Arriving at the sweet age of 16, I went on to finish my junior and senior years of high school. What a culture shock! (Going from the PG County public school student body of 4,000 to a school with 400 students.) But I have to say, best move I ever made. I love Frederick County.

It was after graduation and one year into a retail job a family friend introduced me to banking.

“You know Mary, you would make a great bank teller.”

And so it began.

My career in banking officially started at the Bank of Brunswick where I was a teller. It was there I found what was to become my passion, my ongoing career, and what I am today—a true community banker in every way.

Currently I work as a Business Development Officer for FCB as part of its foundation, and I’m proud to be one who has significantly contributed to its success. I have personally felt what impact our bank has in our community. It is at FCB that I get to share with others the reasons I love working and living in Frederick County.

Who would you say have been your biggest role models? 

It goes without saying: my mother. She became a single mom when I was still young, and by having to raise three young children (with really not much in the way of means), she taught me perseverance, independence, and love.

Now, I have had others who have impacted my life and I think of them as role models/mentors, too. I get to work with one on a daily basis and am lucky that she is an ongoing mentor, professionally. (Thanks, Denise!) I have an author friend who is a role model as well as a BFF who keeps me balanced and often one I turn to for a little reality check.

But the last one I want to share is special because when I least expected it, he became one. My step-dad. I don’t like referring to him in that way cause there is no need to say “step” unless you want to say its because he “stepped into” my life. He has shown me how to be true to myself. That silliness is acceptable, and being able to laugh at yourself (even when you don’t feel like it) can turn any frown upside-down. He has gone through a lot these past few years and has never looked the other way. He works hard and continues to be there for my family.

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What do you love about your job or life?

There is so much to love about life in general, but for me it’s knowing who I am and being comfortable with it. I knew early on in my life I had a gift and it was simply that I love to talk to people. I have always felt it easy to make new friends. Keeping them may be a different story (ha-ha), but wanting to meet and connect with others comes very natural to me.

I am blessed that I have parents that have taught me the basic principles of kindness, honesty and being supportive for others. I learned early that helping others allows far greater reward than any certificate, plaque or pat on the back. It’s knowing my heart is full when someone looks at me with thankful eyes and shows they truly appreciated my help. I love that my job puts me in the community with people who share my love of Frederick. I love my independence, and my commitment to what I do best has served me well.

What has brought or given you the greatest satisfaction or fulfillment?

Children were not in the cards for the Barrys but my decision to be the best aunt ever has brought me the greatest satisfaction and fulfillment. I can see where my efforts in helping my nieces grow into wonderful young women have worked. When they call to tell me about their day, next project they are going to work on, an award/scholarship they received, or to just simply have an Aunt Mary day, there is truly nothing more rewarding than that. Satisfaction is knowing they know I am here for them. No matter what the circumstance. I don’t have to be a mom to feel like one.

One thing most people don’t know about you?

This is a tough one because I am pretty much an open book! But I have this little “character” inside of me—her name is Murphy Bird. Only my closest friends have met her. She is pudgy, witty, secure and truly loves everyone!

Got anything fun on your bucket list? 

To attend a Pro/Am at Pebble Beach where Peyton Manning and Jordan Spieth are a team and then we all go and celebrate their win together! Okay, wake up Mary. How about just lunch with both of them at Gladchucks?

When/where do you get your best ideas?

They come at any hour of any day. But, I would say in my line of work it’s when I am involved in a bad experience (or even a good one at times). I tend to think and act quickly when ideas come. So if they are GOOD, you can bet it’s getting done.

Three things you cannot live without?

ONLY THREE? Okay… Well then it’s hairspray, a fabulous watch, and hazelnut creamer.

Oddest thing in your purse right now?

My debit card, actually. I’ve been with the same bank since 2001. The wallet and purse gets changed pretty frequently. (Shhhh…it’s my infatuation with purses. I can’t help it.)

Current fashion/beauty obsession?

Birch Box. It’s a 6 month subscription given to me this past May, and it has all the latest and greatest beauty nuggets. LOVE it!

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Fav thing to do in Frederick County?

To walk down Market Street, and while I window shop or purchase shop, I always see someone I know and I hear, “Hi, Mary Barry!” (People don’t ever just say my first name, it always includes my last one, too.) I love that Frederick County is so friendly and people recognize their community banker.

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