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5 Fashion Week Styles For Real Life

5 Fashion Week Trends For Real Life

Every year during New York Fashion Week I sit at home and flip through magazines and websites scowling at the photos.

Rarely is there ever anything appropriate for people with a normal lives consisting of working at a desk, shopping at a grocery store, going to their kids’ schools for meetings and events, and to…like…drop off the lunch they left sitting on the counter. Again.

Not to mention the price.

I don’t know about you, but the car I drive doesn’t cost as much as some of the items I’ve seen models strutting down the cat walk in.

But, I do love fashion and style. I like the creativity, the expression, and feeling like there’s something intentional — and even some passion — behind an outfit.

And, personally, I like to look stylish (on trend even) without looking like a lunatic when I run into Target to buy a couple of rolls of toilet paper.

With a little dissecting, this can be achieved. Look past the spiky parts and the glittery bits and all of the crazy, and you can glean some elements that can be incorporated into your own daily style.

Like the runway diva you are on the inside!

5 Fashion Week Trends You Can Incorporate Into Your Daily Style

Fashion Week Style For Real Life


Spring 2016 Style Trend: Ruffles & Open Shoulder




Spring 2016 Style Trend: Pleats




Spring 2016 Style Trend: Stripes




Spring 2016 Style Trend: Wrap Skirt


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