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Everyday Adventure: Early Mornings in Ocean City

I’m a born and bred Maryland girl. I’ve lived here most of my life and loved every minute of it. If I’m being honest though, I don’t think I really appreciated my state until I moved to Nashville in my 20s.

It became real clear real fast that I took for granted Maryland’s charm, not to mention proximity to places like D.C. and New York. And I really, REALLY missed being able to day trip it to Ocean City.

Because who doesn’t need a little ocean breeze in their life?

There tons of things to experience in Ocean City, I mean, we all know that. Parasailing, mini-golf, shopping, food, sandy beaches…I could go on and on! (An entirely different blog post, I assure you.) 

But, as a busy working mom who desperately needs some time off the grid, one of my absolute favorite things to do involves the boardwalk, sneakers and a frog. Well, kind of.

I should start by saying that my husband and I are morning people. Our body clocks wake us up anywhere from 5:30 – 6:00am every single day. It is a bit of a blessing and a curse.

Our favorite thing to do when we’re in OC is to rise early, conquer the boardwalk and soak up the ocean breeze …

In case you’re not familiar, the boardwalk starts at the inlet at the south end of Ocean City and runs 2.25 miles to 27th Street. If you are an early bird you get to enjoy the best of all worlds – gentle ocean breezes, beautiful views and an easily navigable (read: mostly empty) boardwalk. 

When we visit, our routine is to head to the inlet for parking and then jump over to the boardwalk for some quality walk/talk time. The views never disappoint and frankly, that kind of time spent on a ocean stroll refuels your soul. Also, when is the last time you spent a few hours talking to your spouse/partner about, well, anything?

By the time we circle back to the inlet we’ve walked 4 1/2 miles (yay, us!) and are more than ready to grab a bite. 

Here’s where the frog comes into the story. A few years ago a local told me that one of her favorite spots to eat breakfast was a little place tucked away in the Inlet Village called the Frog Bar & Grill. Heard of it? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. 

The Frog Bar & Grill is a down-to-earth hangout with a million dollar view. 

It will take a minute to find it, but it’s worth it. I recommend you sit on stools facing the water, order some breakfast, relax and soak up the sights.

Don’t expect a foodie type of menu at the Frog Bar, they serve hearty, simple breakfasts and good coffee. We generally get there right when it opens at 8am.

The service is friendly and quick, coffee is plenty and it is the perfect way to cap of a long walk and start your day.

Bonus: If you have teenagers, you’ll get back from an incredible morning before they’ve even opened their eyes. You’ll feel like you have a little bit of a life again. If only for a short time!

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