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Alice Through the Looking Glass - a review!

Go Back In Time With Alice Through The Looking Glass

Tim Burton makes odd movies.

Odd, interesting. Odd, artsy. Odd, weird.

Whatever you think “odd” means is basically what it means when it comes to Tim and his flicks.

The recently released Alice Through the Looking Glass is no exception.

It is odd.

And, if odd is your jam, you should totally go see it.

I will admit, though not a huge fan of any origin, even I enjoyed the whimsical story and lively, colorful scenes of the latest iteration of Alice in her Underworld.

Alice Through the Looking Glass - a review!


Alice Through the Looking Glass

If you didn’t catch the first Alice in Wonderland remake that hit the big screen a few years ago, it’s cool — you won’t be lost. There are lots of references to it in Alice Through the Looking Glass. The new one sort of picks up where that one left off, and it totally catches you up.

But, just in case you’re still worried about being confused, let me lay out some things for you…

Alice’s dad is dead. She’s the boss of his ship, in a time when chick bosses are SO not a thing, and she’s out adventuring, and merchanting, and wearing pants like the man-captain she’s totally just as good as. She’s basically sailing around the world, doing stuff people who used to use ships to make a living did.

Meanwhile, her mom is back on land living the struggle. No job, no husband, no money to make life right — she sells her house to the hater that Alice refused to marry (in the previous film) as a way to survive.

Alice Through the Looking Glass - a review!

When Alice returns to land to check in on her life and her mama, she learns the truth and freaks the freak. The scorned ex-fiancé, there to “save” the day, informs Alice that he will give her mama her house back if she gives him her daddy’s ship.

Of course he will.

Alice ain’t having it, and then she is, because her mom needs a house, but then the creepy business begins to happen and the decisions about her fiscal life are put on hold so she can follow the talking butterfly back to Underland where her homeboy, Mad Hatter, is having a mental episode that may lead to his demise.

The rest of the film is about Alice’s adventures in Underland where she’s saving friends (the entire cast of characters is back), facing enemies (new and old alike), and mending relationships — in that off the beaten path, boss lady way she has about doing things.

All of the whimsical, vibrant imagery the story is known for is present, and Johnny Depp is … um … deliciously Johnny Depp-ish.

Personally, I thought it was okay — intriguing enough that I didn’t fall asleep, but not engaging enough that I had any emotional response whatsoever to its ending.

I did love Sacha Baron Cohen as Time. I thought his character was interesting and humorous while giving the story an added element of adventure and action.

If you have younger kids in tow, or general superhero haters, and you’re not going to see X-Men: Apocalypse this weekend (which I also saw and can say it is a solid C, but a necessity if you are a Marvel/X-Men fan), then you should hit up Alice Through the Looking Glass. It can be enjoyed by humans of all ages who like the fantasy and adventure only Disney can truly bring to life.

Pro tip: If you have a BBQ to go to, skip both films and save them for next weekend when there’s not free food and sunshine laying around to soak up.

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