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Pursuit of it All

Get ready for warm weather with cute spring shoes!

Nice Warm Weather Means Cute Spring Shoes

Nothing says I haven’t updated my spring wardrobe like wearing knee high boots in May.

I know, they’re adorable, and comfy, and you love them long time, but the time has come to put them away until at least September. I’m all for breaking fashion rules, but this is one your lovely spring dresses and I are both begging you to adhere to.

What to wear instead? Oh, the options!

Get ready for warm weather with cute spring shoes!

Cute spring shoes for under $40!

Block heels: They are way easier to walk in than those stilettos some people still rock. Now that a thicker heel is back in style, you can give yourself a little lift without worrying about breaking your ankles. Check here for more cool block heel styles.

Funky flats: Heels aren’t the only option for the on the go, working woman. Flats have begun to get just as much attention from designers and shoppers in an effort to look good and also feel amazing. So put away the white sneakers you wear to commute, and check out some of these instead.

Strappy sandals: Every sunny season needs strappy sandals to spice it up. You don’t have to wear flip flops all summer, you can do better!

Fresh sneakers: Sneakers are in! Not those white New Balance you’ve had since college, colorful, funky, fun kicks you can really get around in. Check out this round up of cool sneaks for more ideas.

Cute rain boots: Because you know what they say about those April showers. No one said your feet have to get wet or look icky though.

Amanda recently changed her spirit animal from the unicorn to Pegasus; wings are cooler than horns. She enjoys cute shoes, oversized bags, and telling her budget to suck it. Also cupcakes; every day is a cupcake day. Sometimes she does super fun things with her kids, but mostly that's because paying a babysitter would mean buying fewer shoes. She also loves professional football, Stephan Curry, taking amazing pictures of gorgeous people, and getting into dance battles in the grocery store. Wegmans on Tuesday, that's what's up.

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