When’s the last time you bought a new cookbook? I know, I know. With all the great online resources these days, is there still a need to buy the paper classic?

YES. There is.

I’m not just saying that because I happen to be a foodie. I’m also not just saying that because I happen to get my hands on a lot of cookbooks.

Nope. I simply love nothing more than sharing my love of cookbooks with other people. Like YOU.

I consider “real” cookbooks to be works of art. The photography, the clever stories and quips, thumbing through recipe after recipe. It’s fun!

So, in the spirit of sharing the cookbook love…

Pursuit of it All Cookbook Giveaway - Get Spoiled!

What if we told you that for week three, as part of our Pursuit of it All month long spoil-our-readers-into-submission spree, we’re giving away FIVE cookbooks to one lucky winner? A set includes the Voltaggio Brothers’ cookbook, VOLT ink.?



Aren’t you excited?? We are!

VOLT ink.

VOLT ink by the Voltaggio Brothers

Exquisite food photography graces the pages of VOLT ink., along with drool-worthy recipes, glimpses into the brothers’ restaurants, and stories from Bryan and Michael’s lives growing up in Frederick, Md. So fun!

The Great Cook

The Great Cook by James Briscione

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, there’s always room to grow and become even greater. James Briscione paired up with a team from Cooking Light to help everyday people discover how simple, healthy, and satisfying cooking at home can be. The Great Cook is chock full of recipes and alluring food photography showcasing key steps, tips, and tricks to mastering each menu item. What sets Briscione’s cookbook apart are the sections that go deeper into recipe preparation — pantry-stocking, tools needed, and techniques to practice. Brilliant!

Everyday Vegetarian

Everyday Vegetarian by Jane Hughes

Everyday Vegetarian isn’t intended to be focused solely on vegetarians. Yes, meat recipes are absent; however, Hughes believes the cookbook will inspire carnivores and omnivores alike to add more fruits and veggies to their daily dining routine. The layout of Everyday Vegetarian is matter-of-fact: one section for each season that includes examples (with photos) of seasonal produce, simple and straightforward numbered recipes (365, to be exact), the letter “V” circled in green to denote vegan recipes, and a handy flap on the front cover that acts as a page marker.

Das Cookbook

Das Cookbook by Hans Röckenwagner

Hans Röckenwagner takes an autobiographical approach to Das Cookbook, kicking things off with a story about becoming an “Accidental Baker.” The recipes continue, interspersed with reflections and musings, beginning with a variety of breads (both savory and sweet), and rolling through the day’s meals with headings like “Guten Morgan” and “Mittagessen Hour.” I’m a sucker for any type of eggs Benny, and his Quinoa Benedict makes for a fun and tantalizing vegetarian brunch option!

A Girl and Her Greens

A Girl and Her Greens by April Bloomfield

April Bloomfield’s cookbook, A Girl and Her Greens, is a complete delight to read. The introduction guides you through her childhood in England (a fact that then made me read the rest of her cookbook with a British accent — straight away), where she learned — despite not living in the rural countryside — how not to cook vegetables, which, in her working-class house, were often overcooked and not fresh. Instead, Bloomfield found appreciation for fresh veg by way of her grandparents, and leads us through those memories, followed by her take on a proper farmers’ market visit. And that’s just the first quarter of the book.

The Giveaway

This awesome cookbook giveaway, valued at over $100, runs from June 6 through June 10, 2015, and it’s open to U.S. residents only. Don’t live in the United States, but still want to play? We can mail the cookbooks to a friend of yours that lives here!

Cheers and good luck!

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I was given some of these books in conjunction with my cookbook round-up series for Washington Independent Review of Books. We’re so excited to be able to share the cookbook love and give them to YOU!


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